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    1. No capital letters nor spaces, right? @M△⃒⃘tt
    2. Y'all have basically given the passcode already, it's just about how to write it so I don't know what's stopping you from telling it all lmao
    3. can G1 finally get the hell out of here lmao what's the point of his posts anyway? Having a delusional disorder?
    4. HOLD UP. I can't even find the "You can share the solution" thing anymore, we-
    5. The funniest thing is how convinced admin was about human's goodwill in sharing the thing lmao as if we were not some trashy species from head to toes
    6. Sad thing... I just did but still 💔
    7. lmao I really can't read today, thank you
    8. I can't find the Door page ONCE AGAIN. Send me a link please
    9. Jeez, I have no clue whatsoever this time
    10. I can't believe I thought about that but dismissed it because it seemed too insane lmao
    11. I think I know what this is about, but it's still too generic even for a veteran
    12. I can't see The Door section anymore