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  1. Omg thank you so much for taking the time and energy to create this! very kind of you!
  2. I need it all the photoshoot of Chromatica with pics this HD
  3. I love it! it's so refreshing and iconic, I'm glad whoever is designs the screen is doing the most
  4. One of the things I noticed over the years is, when she makes a comeback she suddenly on twitter non stop, tweeting and interacting with fans. I get that, there's new music and also it's promoting on social media, but I wish she would do it more regardless of promoting something.
  5. This album is equivalent to the "im gonna give the gays everything they want"
  6. A part of me wants her to tease music and snippets, but another part of me knows that the minute she does that I'll have 20 seconds on repeat for an entire month
  7. Rihanna has to happen. Like it would be such a shame if they would never collab.
  8. I haven't heard them but hands down all ARTPOP Act II. No joke I'm sure.
  9. BTW! That era will always be my most absolute favorite. I was obsessed, I was 16 and she gave me all the positive feelings of excitement and happiness. I listened to the album EVERYDAY for 9 months non stop. I will always cherish the memories of her looks, performances, videos, listening to the album. I was so happy.
  10. I wish the album wouldnt come out so soon. Stupid Love needs to have a bigger lifespan. I don't get why release it so quickly. I rather have 2 singles with videos and promos era.
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