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  1. I'm so stocked on this! Hopefully, it helps to cheer my mood up a bit. I don't usually listen to podcasts, but knowing who the host of this one is, I'll be watching with a peaking interest.
  2. Do you think this BTS look hints to the ERA continuing or?
  3. She's definitely put on some weight, however we all are during this bloody awful pandemic, so I wouldn't really count on this scenario. For me, she's kind of stuck artisticly speaking and that's one of the main contributors for Chromatica Era's put on hold. That as well as the fact that they might be refraining them from filming a proper MV.
  4. Of course! Don't hesitate to post more, we'd love to see ❤️
  5. Some of your designs are unbelievable, luv! What an amazing talent you are. I like keeping myself intact by getting inspired by such awesome monsters. You rock ❤️
  6. Yo, you're such a talented artist, I can't even comprehend the amount of effort that was put into that. Keep up the good work ❤️
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