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    1. Well the weeknd just release theirs and they're doing good. I mean if not all but most of the gp loves them. Even Dua They just have the right promos and proper execution even with the pandemic. Sure they might not have pure sales physically at the moment but with streaming they can do good. But yeah without radio promos or tv promos well idk what will happen.
    2. No Way, Nothing On (But the Radio), ARTPOP ACT II, Reloaded, Princess Die, Fooled Me Again, I Wanna be with you
    3. Venus - Muppets ARTPOP - Fallon show The Cure - AMA's
    4. ARTPOP will always have a special place in my heart But BTW? Myghod what an album. It deserved so much. If they just listened to Gaga we could've gotten 10 singles and like the album deserved at least 1 Grammy. I'm still angry This album and era is just iconic.
    5. Omg that Black Jesus + Amen Fashion mugler remix I wanted that
    6. So Happy I Could Die (Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful Of Sunshine)
    7. I mean...I'm still wating for Bey and Gaga to perform it live together. Who knows???
    8. Hmmm.... 1. Adele: I mean a ballad with these 2 c'mon. 2. SIA: Idk how that would sound like but they are both great so who knows 3. Harry: please please. Harry is the only male singer I like and the Weeknd 4. DUA: Imagine an 80's or 90's disco pop vibes 5. Beyonce: again please. We need telephone pt.2
    9. So in 2008, my mom would play videos on YT and make me dance whenever we have guests. I was only a kid when I watched Just Dance and Poker Face Ever since, I watched every Gaga video from The Fame era and my mom bought me The Fame/Fame Monster album in 2009. As a kid I became a fan, but only in 2013 is where I became a stan and made a twitter and ig account.
    10. The Fame: Starstruck, Boys Boys Boys The Fame Monster:obvi DITD and Monster BTW: Scheiße, Bloody Mary, Heavy Metal Lover ARTPOP: Venus, Gypsy, ARTPOP, Sexxx Dreams Joanne: DIC, John Wayne, Hey Girl, Diamond Heart