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  1. Thank you for responding!! Did you see the tweet in the OP when you look up the hashtag? Cause I recently posted the artwork through another twitter account called Quasi just to test if twitter was blocking my original account DNA_rchitect. The only tweet that would have counted before the submission deadline is the specific one in the OP. Were you able to see that one when you looked up the hashtag? If you could post a screenshot showing me that would be really helpful!! And I sent multiple DM's to creativecloud on twitter, but they never responded.
  2. Hi! This is my first LGN post. Some of you may know me as Quasi from GagaDaily. Here is my contest submission: Hope you guys enjoy it! But I have a problem and want to ask you guys for some help or guidance. I originally posted my submission hours before the deadline but then deleted and reuploaded the tweet when I realized that something was edited wrong in my picture. Granted, all this was done before the submission deadline. But now once I look up the hashtags, I can't find my tweet even though it's public and not protected. I have a feeling Twitter thought my second tweet was spam since it was identical to the previous deleted one, just with a different updated file attached. I was scared that Adobe would not be able to find my entry as a result, and this was only confirmed when I couldn't find my submission on their official contest page after scrolling endlessly through all the artworks. I dm'ed Adobe, Live Nation, posted in the Adobe community support forum, called Adobe customer service, tweeted them to help etc. I feel like I've exhausted my resources. If anyone has any other possible directions they could point me in to try and resolve this issue that would be great. If you guys could also search on twitter using the hashtags #LadyGagaxAdobe #contest @creativecloud and see if my tweet is visible and let me know that would be great! I posted the tweet around 11 PDT so roughly 29 hours ago. I'm really sorry to come off as panicked and bothersome but I spent so much time on this piece and I would really love to know that at least my artwork was considered in the competition even if I don't win anything. Thanks again guys.
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