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  1. FINALLY the most trust worthy insider is back!!! New MV coming! Hopefully they'll have something more to say, but either way I'm pretty happy! It wasn't that hard to guess for sure, but that's the final confirmation I needed!
  2. Nothing tbh. I don't see her team investing anything before the Valentino campaign. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but in the meantime we still have the album to enjoy! 💖
  3. Well, I sure hope you'll manage to get there because your work is INCREDIBLE!
  4. YEEEES!! I've been waiting for months for that one, I was affraid you lost interest in doing them! I'm going to watch it immediately 💖 Also, I was wondering, do you plan on doing the whole JWT concert? I LOVED the few videos you posted already!
  5. The creators of the video shared some more concept visuals of them! I LOVE it! I hope they'll be incorporated in the actual music video in some way if it's filmed! And as mentionned in the tweet, the video is now available in full 4K Glory!
  6. The illustration is INCREDIBLE!!! I wouldn't buy merch of it though, but that's because I don't like merch with actual representation of the artist on it, it has nothing to do with the quality of the illustration!
  7. LOVE your style! 💕 But you can only submit one entry for the contest! So if you want to still have a shot you'll have to only keep one! (Maybe removing the hashtags from the other two will be enough!)
  8. Well, it's a good song, but a single when you have Sour Candy, Replay, Babylon... I don't know But to be honnest I'd take ANYTHING Chromatica related at this point
  9. There is DEFINITIVELY a Prism X Witness Vibe going on with the current singles! (Smile reminds me of Pendulum, but it's one of my fave KP song, so no complains here!)
  10. Damn the outfit of the first one is EVERYTHING!
  11. Hi! Even though I wasn't a member of the forum anymore, this is a really cool thing for you to do, so here's my entry if you'll have it! (It's totally okay if not.)
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