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  1. Actually, the latest versions of various browsers, such as Firefox or Opera also have this option.
  2. From my point of view, Gaga Daily has only sought followers in any way possible. They do not represent us as Little Monsters, each person is different, with different opinions and that is something that the GGD moderators cannot understand. Less than a month ago, they blocked me just for telling them exactly the same thing, asking them to do something for Chromatica and stop doing the posts like "Go to our instagram, follow us and blah blah" or as they recently published "We are only missing such amount of followers to reach 200k"... When we talked about supporting Blackpink with HYLT, they posted the banners on their forum, great, but, it was all just to get BLINKS to follow them. As another negative point in their favor, they do not give us accurate information as LGN does. An example of this was when they said that the ROM video would be released when Gaga & Ari feel safe, minutes later they both published that they would reveal it at a certain time on Gaga's channel. Or when they said what the album's credits were... They can't figure out that there are pages in all the languages that use their platform as a means of information, translating it & that leads to the fake news being greater, to the point of having Monsters uninformed. or with wrong information. In recent years, I have not seen that Gaga Daily has done much for our idol, Gaga or her team do not know what they have been like and we cannot show our discontent because they ban us and then block us. Therefore, many thanks to the Lady Gaga Now team for giving us space to express ourselves without being afraid that they will do something to us with the account.
  3. Thank u!! ❤️
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