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    1. Are you implying they will cancel it next week? Why couldn't they do it now if date two days before that is cancelled
    2. Because noone knows when will this stop and their new date might be in even worse state. If they keep delaying it we wont get shit til q4 and hype will die completely. Tv promo is mostly irrelevant in 2020 anyways aside from maybe snl and she can release physicals later. But now we will get streak of delays and album who knows when. And I’m sure Gaga herself doesn't want to delay but Interscope. Can't wait for it to backfire on their greedy asses.
    3. Delay would be extremely dumb and useless. Hope they aren't that stupid but wouldn't be surprised.
    4. Will you tell us what was if it doesn't get reschedule
    5. https://ladygaga.fandom.com/wiki/Telephone_(song) 🥚
    6. That probably meant february 2020 as next tweet suggests too. Everyone was predicting february at that time
    7. @Venuss so what is password
    8. Hi, can you repost what you said in your last quote in the stupid love thread in the door section, i got notification but cant see it now because of new riddle. 

    9. Is the answer tied to gaga or its just general riddle
    10. Lmao i have two quotes from the door section and now i can't see them because it's locked
    11. 15k sales is 30 points which is 5-8m (depending on paid to free ratio) streams. There is no way she would get that streaming increase (to compesate lost sales) just because of thursday release.
    12. Only payola artist who heavly depend on playlist do. Artist with big fanbases and hype stick to friday. Gaga would lose more sales points than she would gain streaming points
    13. But she loses lots of sales and thats her biggest metric. Radio isn't affected since its rolling anyways.
    14. well i did everything aside from correct one which i only got two mins ago
    15. well i tried uppercase lowercase, no spaces, spaces, all words, partial words still nothing
    16. I did. I started includin "camera + name" too now but still no result