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  1. tbh i have a loooong wishlist of dream collabs: SOPHIE, Rihanna, Harry Styles, Sam Smith, GRIMES, Kesha, Adele, Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, Dua Lipa ... I could go on forever
  2. you might be thinking of Joseph Kahn who was set to direct the Edge of Glory video, but threw his toys out the cot when Gaga wanted to co-direct.
  3. i was really enamored with the pussycat dolls back in 2007/8 and i remember reading through an article or something about their latest tour and the opening act was somebody called 'lady gaga' and i remember being super curious about who this was and so i started looking her up and honestly, the rest is history.
  4. those are both incredible! here's one i made recently for a live audio that i needed a cover for - really happy with how it turned out! and here's something i just randomly whipped up during some free time the other day lol - thinking of making it a series based on his fruit named songs!
  5. gay man here and i have nothing but love and support for every other sexuality and identity 🖤
  6. i think if she does put out the third installment that she wants to make sure that it's as much of a pop culture moment as the Paparazzi video and the Telephone video were - which, let's be honest, are pretty touch acts to follow, she set the bar very high for herself with those - that being said, since it looks like we're gonna be getting a pretty wild and artistic era again, the time might be ripe for it!
  7. might i just gently remind everyone that it wouldn't actually be the first time she's teased/premiered a (then) unreleased song at a fashion show: LG6 IS ALMOST HERE.
  8. here's a couple of my favorites off the top of my head!
  9. I think we're definitely in store for some crazy eye looks again and let me tell you i cannot WAIT.
  10. this tbh, and honestly i'm never bothered about who she's with, i just care that she's happy and after all she's been through in relationships, she really deserves happiness.
  11. honestly gaga's album covers are all so brilliant and i'm torn between the fame monster, born this way and artpop - like those covers are pop culture monuments that are instantly recognizable whether you're a fan or not. same goes for single covers - i think she has such a beautiful gallery of them, here's one i haven't seen suggested yet though that i thought was worth mentioning: and let us never forget this iconic graphic designed in word with a photo for texture cover:
  12. this era of pink hair and pure glamour is just giving me LIFE.
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