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  1. Hello, this is my first post ever on this forum. I hope this forum be my new place to talk about Gaga and spend my time happily. But the reason the i am here is that i am banned on Gagadaily and want to share my thoughts and also hear what your thoughts about this place are. In case you dont know the admin and moderators of Gagadaily are banning little monsters left and right in the last days. The reasons for this, the most times are ridiculous. Members just expressing their opinions and moderators are banning them cause they dont agree with them. Isnt this fascism? Many members got banned cause they were just saying that Gaga isnt promothing which is just the true, its a fact , why u ban people for this? They banned many many members there that were on Gagadaily for years! They banned them for no reason, then if you say that this is unfair they delete your comments and also ban you. Also today they ban people (including me) because we were overusing the reactions . They say that you gave many sad or lmao reactions today and then banned you. Isnt this frustating? I hope to find here new friends and feel safe. Safe to express my opinions ( of course without hateful vocabulary) . I also hope the moderators here will understand me and dont ban me for creating this thread. This is a situation that should concern us all. I know a lot of people(like me) got banned there and want to talk about it. Pls moderators dont close this thread. Let us speak! This is a serious issue! Hope i will have a great time in this new forum. It looks amazing so far 🥰
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