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  1. Yep I heard about it a while ago. On reddit and twitter.
  2. Voted twice, gonna vote a few more times. I hope everyone is voting!
  3. I'm catholic but I think abortions should be legalised
  4. you made a mistake. You said it have 157 Billion YouTube views. when it is 158 million views
  5. that's not what I meant. I meant if we all ask Charli to do the Tiktok dance to Rain On Me on her account.
  6. For Rain on Me to have more success we need it to go viral on Tiktok. Viral songs on Tiktok actually contribute significantly to charts because people want to listen to what they heard on it. Charli D'Amelio needs to do the dance or something. it somehow needs to go viral. I think we all need to spam tweet her to do the Rain on Me Tiktok dance. It will get more popular from this
  7. so glad this never released. Thanks for the video
  8. Thats good. But sometimes she needs to be reigned in.
  9. So you can vote unlimited amount of times. So I voted about 30 times
  10. They probably are treating her a lot better now. If Warner music really wanted her Interscope must have offered her better. They are probably giving her a lot more freedom to do what she likes now then before.
  11. I bought the hardbook deluxe and I'm going to get the milky vinyl while it's on sale
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