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  1. You can actually save them to your own spotify account through local files! Thats what i did it won't help with official streams but it does just make it way easier to listen and have them in playlists 🙂
  2. is this is sketch your looking for? it is an armani suit designed for gaga at the 2010 VMAs but im not sure lol
  3. ok I LOVE the album but i am kinda wondering if what she says about 'dancing through the tears' and all was really her reasoning for making it or if she just felt forced to go back to pop again bc Joanne was so under appreciated? Like she was obviously still in a really dark place while writing and i just wanna know her truth - any thoughts?
  4. Definitely angel down but is anyone else just crying nonstop to replay since the album came out?? Feels weird cuz its such an upbeat song but our queen really nailed the exact PTSD experience and it has me shook.
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