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  1. I'm so happy to see all of these positive reviews!
  2. 3. Born This Way 2. ARTPOP 1. Chromatica
  3. So excited for this cast! My Top 4 would definitely be Shea, Miz Cracker, Jujubee, and Ongina.
  4. I was able to go to both artRAVE and Joanne, and while I think the stage and lighting production of Joanne was better, I think the atmosphere and the vibes from artRAVE were my favorite!
  5. It does have hints of Vogue (specifically the piano chord hits), but it also sounds like Black Jesus!
  6. I bought the vinyl! I went to Target today to see if I can buy the Target Exclusive CD, but they didn't have it 😞
  7. I'm screaming! These Chromatica Weather Channel videos are my favorite! It's so nice to see Gaga and Ariana having fun with each other. I'm excited to see what Chromatica TV has to offer.
  8. Alice, Replay, Enigma, and Babylon are my favorite non-singles!
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