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  1. Which song? Can't wait for the Honey Dijon Remix of Free Woman!!!! Do they plan on releasing new remixes every month do you know?
  2. This was a missed opportunity to reach a huge audience.
  3. It's definitely inspired by the drum programming used by producer DJ Shep Pettibone who did Vogue and the Erotica album.
  4. Brooklyn Nights, No Way, Animal, Second Time Around & Out Of Control.
  5. The shorter times = higher replay value. Which they are right I've been non stop listening since yesterday.
  6. Love all the glowing reviews! 💗
  7. We'll probably get official confirmation for a reschedule soon after they count all those CD bundles for Billboard.
  8. Thought for sure she'd post something about Chromatica TV.
  9. I don't know but I'm ready top spend more money.
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