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    The Born This Way Ball in Vancouver

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    We have finally added almost 60 professional photos of Lady Gaga performing during her concert in Vancouver, Canada, which opened the new Born This Way Ball Tour. Meanwhile in the other post we have reported the major changes, here you can read an extract from the review that the Vancouver Sun wrote.



    Two and a half years later, Lady Gaga is less Alice than she is herself the Wizard or the Queen of Hearts, as the first concert on the North American leg of the Born This Way Ball Tour at Rogers Arena proved.

    Instead of a stage evolving as a shifting landscape worthy of a Broadway musical, Gaga's presentation is now more akin to that of a Wagnerian opera, centered on a humongous medieval castle.


    Gaga's concert has become a monolithic display that acts as a testament to the most overblown aspects of pop music.


    Unlike Madonna, whose latest Vancouver appearance was dominated by violent imagery and a borderline bullying attitude toward her longtime fans, Gaga continued to carry her trademark message of empowerment and self-love, which also appears in the form of her many charitable endeavours aimed at LGBT groups.

    She may be doing it from the safety of her castle these days but, for her fans, bigger will always be better when it comes to Gaga.

    "I think she makes people feel good about themselves," said 24-year-old fan Lindsay McIntosh before the concert.

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