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      Presenting: GAGAIMAGES 2.0 and Much More

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      We're very happy to announce to you all the major upgrades we're bringing to Lady Gaga Now!

      As Lady Gaga is currently working on #LG6 and Haus Beauty, we've decided to bring some nice features to our community to be ready for the big announcements coming in the next several months. 

      From the new GAGAIMAGES featuring a whole new GIF and MEME section open to everyone, to our FEATURED section where anyone can write their personal column and our paid collaboration for our Merchandising, here we present our new community features.


      GAGAIMAGES is a real archive on all fronts. It hosts more than 140.000 photos of Lady Gaga: from her childhood to modern days. Red Carpets, Candids, Photoshoots and Concerts, organized and catalogued meticulously to let all fans find anything they're looking for from any situation. After 10 years of using the same platform, we've finally decided to merge it into our website: it will allow you to jump from news to images in a second. From now on you can also access GAGAIMAGES going on ladygaganow.co/gallery. Your accounts will automatically count as active in the new gallery. If you don't have one, create one today and get access to our complete archive. 

      Following the newest laws from the European Union, we've decide to restrict the access to daily candids, concerts pictures and photos from events only to the registered users. It's a small price, but we hope you'll understand as these days it's getting harder and harder to share material online. 









      Apart from those small changes, everything will stay the same. Except for one more thing we're very excited:

      MEME & GIF 

      We're now happy to announce a brand new section GIFS & MEME where anyone can submit and contribute to our archive. Send your best Gifs and Memes of Lady Gaga: a Moderator will then review your submissions and approve the images to avoid spam and unwanted images.


      To celebrate it, here is a new picture from A Star is Born by Peter Lindberg in raw quality [5034 × 7543].



      Internet is always evolving, and so are we. We're trying to bring our community to many social networks as possible: Our Telegram Channel is linked in real time with GAGAIMAGES and all latest news published on our website, our Instagram Page provides you with all the best backstage-pictures from the events in real time as they hit the net, Our VERTIGO MUSIC profiles give you the chance to win MONEY and great prizes just by publishing your favorite videos each week, and we're also revamping our Youtube profile with the best and rarest videos around. Don't forget that all registered users can write articles on our FEATURED section to share their thoughts on Lady Gaga's career. 



      Who knows what Little Monsters want better than a Little Monster? That was the idea when we first started our partnership with SpaceNeil to produce our Premium Merchandising some years ago. At first it was just a new and original way to pay part of our server costs, but then we thought: why shouldn't we share our audience with other talented little monsters? That's why we started selecting some talented artists from Twitter to help us design our merchandising available to ship all around the world, giving them most of our commission.

      enigma merch.jpg

      For example, following the funny and small range of official merchandising made for ENIGMA, our friends from Twitter @fkanico & @panchecco created some gorgeous designs for us that were then purchased from all parts of the globe and that we're so proud of.

      If you think you can contribute with your design, contact us on Twitter!


      Lady Gaga Now is definitely very hard to manage in all our aspects: News, Photos, Videos, Fashion Credits and Merchandising. And that's why we're always looking for help from you guys. If you feel like you can offer your support and time into our community, then feel free to fill the form below to join our team.

      Keep in mind that all aspects of our website, require time and dedication. Do not apply if you can only give your support for very limited time every week. 

      We really hope you'll enjoy all new stuff, and don't forget that if you have any suggestions we're always open to new ideas. Just use the contact us form below, or write to us on Twitter!

      And don't forget to customize any page on the website with your favorite skin!



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