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    Lady Gaga Receives SAG-AFTRA’s Artist’s Inspiration Award

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    Lady Gaga walked the SAG-AFTRA Patron Award’s red carpet on Thursday evening before receiving her Artist’s Inspiration Award. 

    She wore a dress from the 2018 Fall collection by Dior 


    Gaga was presented her Artist’s Inspiration Award by her A Star Is Born  co-star Sam Elliott. 

    Shile accepting her award, Gaga made it a point to thank the on stage band before even beginning her speech. In her speech, Gaga thanked the SAG-AFTRA Foundation for their support of young artists and all the work they do, joking “I want to help you raise a sh*t ton of f*cking money!” Gaga also, as she always does, used this opportunity to interweave into her speech advocation for mental health by calling for it’s awareness to be brought forward into the light. She even went on to propose a SAG x BTWF partnership saying: “We have the power to set an example for decades and decades to come. Let’s change the world!”

    We at Lady Gaga Now congratulate Lady Gaga on her newest award and her continued success with A Star Is Born


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