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    Lady Gaga rocks the stage at the SXSW Festival

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    Lady Gaga rocked Doritos' Bold stage at the popular SXSW Festival, which took place in Austin, Texas, tonight. After taping her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's special episode, which aired on ABC earlier tonight, the 'Do What U Want' singer headed to the festival where she arrived an hour before her show.


    She opened the show with a fantastic performance of 'Aura', followed by 'MANiCURE' and a short speech before being joined on stage by an artist, Millie Brown, who pukes colored drinks. Lady Gaga performed 'Swine' while the girl puked green and black liquid on her. The show continued with her piano ballad 'Dope' before being joined on stage by Ruby, a violinist from Austin. The two performed a country version of her hit 'Bad Romance'. She was then joined on stage by her friends from New York City, Lady Starlight and the band Semi Precious Weapons. Together they performed Lady Gaga's lead single from ARTPOP, 'Applause'.


    After taking a short break, Lady Gaga went back on stage for a final song, 'Gypsy', which she dedicated to the tragedy that happened last night in Austin, right outside the venue where the festival took place. She also added:

    Don't let the machine and technology take you to a place where you don't belong. Stay right here on Earth where I need you, because when you leave Earth they are not gonna care about what you tweeted, about what you posted. They are not gonna care about how famous I was. They are gonna care about the lives you saved.

    Watch the full performance at the SXSW Festival below.



    Single performances: Aura / MANiCURE / Jewels N' Drugs / Swine / Dope / Bad Romance / Applause

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