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      Lady Gaga: "I want to be a mother"

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      Lady Gaga was interviewed by the French Magazine 'Public'. She shared stories about her past and confessed an emotional desire about her future. You can read her interview below translated by us.

      Public: Why did you choose to shoot in A Star Is Born?

      Lady Gaga: First because I'm a fan of Bradley Cooper, it's his first movie as a director! Also I was excited to act with him, but the truth is, I've always loved this story. You know, this film allows me to combine the two passions in my life: singing and acting.

      You say you feel "vulnerable" when you see yourself on the big screen.

      It's destabilising because it magnifies everything. Your face and your body are bigger. If you have an attractive physique it becomes more perfect, but if you haven't you only want to dig yourself!

      Is it about your nose?

      I am very happy with my nose today but it wasn't always like this. At school, they made fun of my aspect. I come from a family of Italian immigrants. I was different than the blond, blue-eyed, tall, well-behaved girls in the schoolyard. It was hard for me. Then I grew up. I realised that my nose and the rest of my body was a legacy and I should be proud. What I like the most about A Star Is Born is that I'm natural. It's my real hair color and I do not wear makeup.

      No make-up at the cinema?

      On the first day of shooting, Bradley was waiting for me in front of my house. When I came out, he approached me with a cleansing wipe. He said, "Stefani, I do not want any make-up." He wanted to show my vulnerability on screen.

      Have you ever been asked to show more than you wanted?

      When I wrote my first songs, people tried to give them to other singers. Why? Because I wasn't a very skinny and pretty girl. The producers did not want me, They liked my songs but felt that they should be interpreted by girls who were not cold-hearted and who would show their sexuality on command. From there, I started thinking a lot about myself.

      Are you scared of ageing?

      What scares me is that we never ask this question to a man. Ignorance, lack of compassion, children and teens who get bullied at school, that's what really scares me.

      You said that one day a student put you in the trash of a restaurant. Why did you hide it to your parents?

      Because I was ashamed! I was devastated. You know, you can have the most awesome and coolest family in the world, there are things you can not reveal. I was so shocked by this event, because the other person was one of my neighbours. Everyone made fun of me. I was the general joke, humiliated. On the other hand, having been harassed and ridiculed made me understand how much I am suffering, and it is precisely this suffering, these cracks that made me, I think, someone capable to write strong songs and with content.

      What do you mean by other cracks?

      Depression, anorexia, bulimia, I knew everything. It's hereditary in my family. I am Catholic, Italian and neurotic. Music is my cure. But even in my environment I've been abused. They made me sign contracts, they used me and they threw me away. I was hurt but I survived...

      Are your outfits a protection?

      They are a space of expression and always reflect my state of mind. If it looks crazy, it's because I'm crazy. If I look classic, it's because I feel very focused on something. (Laughter) I'm aware of having forced the line. I also admit that the more I added in my extravagances, the more I protected myself. 

      Why did you post a picture showing your stretch marks on your chest?

      To show that I am not perfect. For many young girls, I am an example. So, of course, I could modify the picture, but it is essential that I show my fans that I have imperfections and that I'm proud of them.

      Is being a superstar hard for you?

      Yes, but it's my fault. I cut myself off from the reality. Every minute of my job is programmed, ultra secure. To avoid the crowd, I'm going through parking lots, discreet passages, back doors etc. I'd love to go back on the streets, sit at a table on the terrace and talk normally with people I meet. For years, I locked myself in a prison and threw away the key.

      What would make you really happy?

      A child. Being a mother, starting a family: I am ready to live this adventure fully. And, as my mother did with me, I will practice talking with my children. I believe very much in the virtues of dialogue.


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