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      Join the Lady Gaga Now Team!

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      Managing a big website like Lady Gaga Now isn't simple; everyday we try to cover and give as much content as possible to fans around the world. We grew up a lot since the begging when we were just a blog and a relatively limited gallery; as of today, we have expended towards more and new directions like our merchandising partnership with SpaceNeil, a fashion blog, Instagram updates and so on.

      Joining our team has some privileges, but it also give you some responsibilities that you can't ignore. We put effort and passion in everything we do, even putting aside our personal problems for the good of the website. If you think that you have the requirements to do it, this is your chance to join.

      Several and different application forms were in order for you to join our team. Make sure to choose the one that fits you the most (or even more than one if you want), answer the questions and we'll get back to you as soon as the calling period ends.


      - If you apply for editor, you'll need to be available most of your time and be ready to write an article if something important comes out. Sometimes this position will also grant you exclusive background news of what's going on.


      -If you choose Social Manager you need to have some experiencing on social network engagement. It means that you should know what the audience likes and wants to see.


      -If you choose GagaFashion you'll become editor of our fashion credits website. You will be in charge of writing all fashion credits of Lady Gaga's latest candids and photos shoots as soon as you find them.


      -In the end you can also apply for Fan-Art Designer. This will grant you a special and public section on gagaimages, exclusive unreleased photos for your art and the possibility to produce merchandising.


      Below you'll find links to each application form. Choose carefully and good luck! We hope to see you in our family very soon.


      All kind of collaborations are unpaid. (Except for merch). We do this for passion not for money.




      Click on one of the links from your computer and answer the questions.






      Write Articles and News


      GagaFashion Editor

      Write articles about gaga's fashion credits


      Social Manager

      Post on our social pages to increase audience

      This form reached the maximum number of requests! Thanks to everyone.

      Fan-Art Designer

      Art creator and merchandising



      You have time until the 20th of July to submit your request.

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