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      Exclusive Interview with Stylist Shelly Castro

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      ladygaganow.co had the pleasure to interview famous stylist Shelly Castro about her work with Lady GaGa. As you probably know, she was the stylist for Lady GaGa's photo shoot by Darnell Scott. Check also the EXCLUSIVE images of Lady GaGa at the end of this post. (Notice that the images are copyrighted, do not steal, crop or edit them. You can link your users to this post)

      Photo courtesy of VAINSTYLE Media- Photographer: Darnell Scott; Stylists: Shelly Castro/Casey Royster; Hair & Make-up: DeeDee Black.

      1. Did Gaga's management contact you to work with her?

      Actually the magazine VainStyle contacted me to work with her on this project.


      2. When you met and saw her, what was your first feeling?

      I thought GaGa was a super cool girl and seemed like she was going to be a lot of fun to work with which she was.



      3. When and Where did you work with her? We worked together summer of 2007.


      4. How was it to work with Lady GaGa? Super Easy and Fun!


      5. Do you think something in Lady GaGa changed from 2007 untill now?

      OMG she did a revamp totally but it fits her.


      6. Did you learn anything by working with her?

      Hmm good question. I would say I learned that day to think ourside of the box even more that what I was. Challenge yourself and do not be scared.


      7. What do you think about the comparisons with Madonna and Christina Aguilera?

      Christina I can see but just like Madonna, GaGa changes her look and style constantly just as Madonna did. They ar eboth trend setters.


      8. How would you describe Lady GaGa in 3 words? Cool, Sassy, Daring.


      9. How is it different working with Lady Gaga compared to any other celebrity in the industry?

      I would honestly say if anything she was super easy to work with. Sometime as a stylist you deal with egos, demands, and

      attitudes. Not with GAGA. she was cool with everything I did.


      10. You're such an incredible stylist, would you like to work with Lady GaGa again in the future?

      I sure would. I would drop everything to work with her again. I actually had this 4 finger leather glove that we used. It was new back then. She saw it and loved it so I have it to her. She wore it out that night and it was a get feeling that I could add a little touch of me to her.



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