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    'Do What U Want' BTS Video to be released December 3rd

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    ATTENTION: On December 3rd the behind the scenes video will be released and not the music video itself. BitTorrent denied what Rolling Stone said.


    A behind the scenes video for Lady Gaga and R. Kelly's duet "Do What U Want," which appears on the former's new record Artpop, will see release on December 3rd through a unique "BitTorrent Bundle" courtesy of the file sharing service and Vice.


    Directed by Terry Richardson, the video will be made available in the package alongside photos and 4K video that document the making of the clip, as well as exclusive interviews with Gaga and Richardson.


    Though the "Do What You Want" package is being billed as Vice and BitTorrent's first bundle, the two companies announced a similar project with Madonna back in September: The pop star offered up a 17-minute film secretprojectrevolution, as well as plenty of bonus material, as a way to kick off her new Art for Freedom initiative.


    In the statement announcing the "Do What U Want" video, the bundle was described as a way to "explore the link between open expression and open technology; providing an inside look at the creative process, with original film, music, archival content and behind-the-scenes footage direct from artists."


    Gaga and Kelly have been promoting "Do What U Want" all over the place recently, performing the song at the American Music Awards

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