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    Lady Gaga Now Forum is Here!

    Welcome Little Monsters! 

    We present to you the newest addition to Lady Gaga Now experience: the new and improved Forum. The Forum has been curated by our team as a safe space for dedicated Monsters, fans and all users alike to come together, interact, start conversations, express themselves in countless ways, spread kindness and ultimately, have fun! It will feature exclusive content, games, competitions, opportunities to win official Lady Gaga Now merchandise and so much more. Take a look at some of the key features below:

    New and Improved Design

    The layout has been updated to feature a more modern feel with simpler designs and a user-friendly interface to make it easier and much more efficient for users to navigate. We have created an inventory of layouts which are easily accessible via the "brush" icon from the menu atop the page. You can select your favorite design for each of the website's different sections and customize your experience.


    Simple Layout

    The Forum will only feature 3 sections to keep your overall experience simple and clean. The sections will help you shape your discussions based on whether it's about official news or a rumor. More sections are to be added in the future.

    The International Airport

    This new section has been designed feature threads and discussions in various languages. Current languages featured include English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and French. Users will be able to comment, interact and get to know people in their own language. More languages will be added soon!

    The Door

    The Door is here to spice up your experience of the Forum! This mysterious section will require a "key" to access what's inside. More information will be given in the upcoming weeks on how to unlock the door and take a peek at what's inside. The first few people to enter will be eligible to win an amazing selection of prizes locked inside.


    This section has been designed to provide communication between Lady Gaga Now team and the users. It will feature important discussions related to the website as well as errors and bugs found on the Forum. 

    The Grand Opening Giveaway

    To celebrate the launch of our Forum, we have decided to include an amazing opening giveaway! By the end of the first two weeks, we will be selecting the top 3 users who prove to be the most active on our new Forum to win a massive gift courtesy of our LadyGagaNow team composed of our exclusive merch. Stay tuned for more information! 

    Finally, Lady Gaga Now team is always on the hunt for innovation. Besides the Forum that we are so proud to launch, we are currently working on something HUGE, something that aims to revolutionize the way that our fanbase operates. More exciting news to follow. Stay tuned.

    xoxo, Lady Gaga Now Team



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