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    DJ White Shadow on #LG6: ‘It's Genius!’

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    E! News interviewed Lady Gaga's friend and frequent collaborator DJ White Shadow, who worked on ARTPOP, Born This Way and A Star Is Born about his work with the star over the years. At the end of the interview he mentioned Gaga's upcoming album. You can read and except from the interview below.


    Of course, we couldn't let an interview with one of Gaga's most trusted and frequent collaborators go without asking about her long-gestating sixth studio album. After all, according to internet rumors, he's been working on the highly-anticipated LP with her. So, what's the scoop? Well, we'll let him explain.

    "I actually am not working on LG6," he admitted. "I sat this one out. I've heard it. It's not my art to share with you, but I can tell you this, [as] with everything that she does, it's genius. I'm excited for her to put it out. I think that it's really good."

    Read the full interview here.



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