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    CHROMATICA: Critic Reviews

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    Lady Gaga's anticipated sixth album is finally out and so are its reviews.

    The album has now a total score of 79 on Metacritic based on 12 Critic Reviews. Variety gave the album a score of 96, while The Independent, The Telegraph, The Guardian, NME and others gave it 80.

    You can find all the critics that count towards Metacritic, below:


    VARIETY "96/100"

    Possibly, song for song, her best yet. ... She sounds like she knows exactly who she is, what she wants to say and how she wants to say it — and with “Chromatica,” she’s laid a rock-solid foundation for the next phase of her remarkable career.

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    EXCLAIM "80/100"

    For more than a decade, Lady Gaga has encouraged us to 'just dance' regardless of the pain hidden deep within ourselves. While she may have veered off from her own advice over the past few years, Chromatica proves that Gaga is back and better than ever.

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    musicOMH.com "80/100"

    At 16 songs and a mere 43 minutes, Chromatica can feel a tad frenzied, but in the round marks a deft return to Lady Gaga’s club-pop roots, resplendent with much ’90s influence. There may not be anything really new here, but why mess with this formula when it can produce such engaging slaps and dancefloor empowerment? Gaga is back, with her bangers intact.

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    The Independent (UK) "80/100"

    Chromatic is an extravagant, sometimes even overblown album – but I suspect it will keep revealing itself over time. And by that point, she’ll be on to the next era.

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    The Telegraph (UK) "80/100"

    Chromatica offers Gaga at her most energetic and forceful, and that is something to behold.

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    New Musical Express (NME) "80/100"

    The album is best listened to in full, with the cinematic orchestral passages linking the songs together and acting as a respite between each of the break-neck pop bangers.

    Full review

    The Guardian "80/100"

    In many ways, the ballad-free, dancefloor-primed Chromatica represents not only Gaga’s most personal record, but her most straightforward.

    Full review

    Clash Music "80/00"

    Across its sixteen tracks, ‘Chromatica’ is entirely over-the-top, but in the best possible way. Every song is an anthem of defiance and empowerment, turned up to 11 and genetically engineered for maximum danceability.

    Full review

    The A.V. Club "75/100"

    “Enigma” really is a fitting word for Gaga. Her choices can be puzzling, and not every song is a success, but that unpredictability is what makes her exciting and leaves us coming back for more. So maybe Gaga doesn’t know who she truly is yet. It’s still enjoyable to watch her figure it out.

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    Pop Matters "70/100"

    Weighed down by lesser songs like "Alice", "Enigma", and the blissfully short BLACKPINK collaboration "Sour Candy", Chromatica isn't quite a full-bore masterwork. Still, given the thundering club-filling fun and layered meanings revealed upon relistens, it is assuredly the most lively and consistent record she's made since Born This Way.

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    Sputnikmusic "60/100"

    Chromatica’s main flaw lies in its indecisiveness. Lady Gaga has a number of great ideas on this thing, but the problem is that she doesn’t know how to make them work with any pragmatic fluidity. There’s a lot of redeeming qualities to the tracks, but it’s a patchwork job more often than not.

    Full review

    Slant Magazine "50/100"

    Whether muddling the creation of the universe with both love and fame (“Sine from Above”) or teasing the theory of the world as a simulation (“Enigma”), these songs only scratch the surface of deeper ideas before falling back on the most basic of pop clichés.

    Full review


    You can listen and/or buy Lady Gaga's new album, Chromatica, clicking here.

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