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    Chromatica Producers Talk to EW About the Making and Future of The Album

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    The talented team of producers behind Lady Gaga’s Chromatica have given an interview to Entertainment Weekly, detailing the creation process of the singer’s new album. 

    Bellow you can read the most important info that was said on the interview:

    On “Stupid Love” and what brought the album together:

    “After the Joanne tour and during/after the filming of A Star Is Born, we started working on demos at her home studio. Early on, we didn't have a hyper-clear vision. We were getting the ball rolling. We knew that “Stupid Love” felt good, and the other songs we were writing gave gloomy, hard, tearful days bright endings. The silver linings kept us pushing, and with songs like "Enigma," "Alice," and "Babylon" taking form, she saw the album coming together.

    On working with Sophie: 

    We worked with SOPHIE very early on. [She was] the first collaborator of those sessions. Those days were fun. We set up six microphones and recorded [Gaga's] Lamborghini exhaust, and SOPHIE cut it up into samples. [Though they didn't make the album], we still plan to finish those songs and present something special within the Chromatica universe.

    On Sine From Above: 

    It was burning a hole on my hard drive…. It wasn’t actually called “Sine From Above” at the beginning, it was just called “Elton John” because Elton John was singing on it. It was a more chilled out, piano, acoustic thing. You can still hear that in the verses, and [the final version has] the same chord progression.... It wasn’t the easiest thing to stay in touch with Elton, because he changes emails, addresses, and time zones. This was the perfect opportunity to get somewhere with the song, because I knew Gaga and Elton are good friends. I sent them the track and said, “It could be a perfect fit!” They liked it, vibed on it, and Gaga added her touch. Gaga didn’t have any problem getting ahold of Elton. Elton was on tour in Australia during the time. The deadline to finish everything was approaching, so we were against the clock.... We actually ended up recording it via Skype, with Elton in the studio over there and us in Hollywood.

    On Sour Candy:

    We started riffing on a chorus. We liked the title “Sour Candy." I thought we should write it like Sour Patch Kids in those commercials where they cut off people’s hair: They’re sour, then they’re sweet. That’s the wordplay I brought.... We wrote the chorus and I wrote a little verse for a [featured artist]. We were thinking BLACKPINK could be cool.... Blood brought it to Gaga and she was like, “I love this, I want to work on it.” She put her touch on it and transformed the song into her song. At the end she was like, “What about BLACKPINK on it?”

    On Rain On Me: 

    We all knew that “Rain on Me” had huge potential and was an incredible song, but the production didn’t fit with the overall sound. So, Blood had asked if I could try some stuff with it. I took the vocal and wanted to try some new movement of the chords and explored different progressions to see if it changed the mood. It was kind of subconscious that I started playing the bassline from “All This Love That I’m Givin'” by Gwen McCrae under the chorus, and that felt like another lightbulb moment. I remember Blood turning to me and smiling like we’d just cracked a code."

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