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      Lady Gaga Toon collection available on Spaceneil.com

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      Almost 4 years ago, Lady Gaga Now and Spaceneil began a strong partnership with the mutual goal of delivering the best possible merchandising experience to Little Monsters worldwide. With permission to use Lady Gaga's image, Spaceneil and Gaga Now's collaboration brought out the best in some of the most talented artists and designers, as well as engaging in paid collaborations with some of the most talented fans. This creative bond is continuing to grow, helping to support the costs of the Gaga Now gallery and platform, making the ultimate and most diverse merchandising experience for any fan. 

      enigma.gif joanne.gif asib.gif

      With merchandise from the Joanne World Tour to A Star is Born and Enigma, including our annual Lady Gaga Calendar, thousands of little monsters have found something just for them, taking advantage of the Free Worldwide Shipping on special occasions and our custom super-pack bundles.


      Following the growing popularity of this partnership worldwide through the years, we began doing exclusive giveaways on Twitter through games, quizzes and trivia giving everyone the opportunity to win. 

      As time passes we're always trying to give fans something new and original, and that's why we're very proud to present our brand new collection, inspired by the most famous cartoons, tv shows and animations in the world.

      You can watch the trailer below.


      We imagined Lady Gaga as a character in cult shows and films, creating a brand new merchandise range featuring all 10 designs to give you the chance to choose your favorite piece from the following: Sailor Moon, Dragonball, Pokémon, One Piece, Bojack Horseman, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Fairly OddParents, Cinderella and Avengers

      Starting from today we're also releasing 3 special bundles:

      • 10 Toon Megapack: 50% off this amazing megapack that includes all 10 new designs + free worldwide shipping.
      • Toon Bundle: Get 1 shirt, 1 hoodie and the brand new Gaga Sticker Set.
      • Lady Gaga Toon Sticker Pack: an exclusive sticker pack made with the brand new designs (+ 2 special ones).


      If you have further questions or you want to collaborate with us, feel free to send us a DM on Twitter, and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

      We really hope you enjoy our new collection. If you want to support the artist (who also made the Youtube Add), you can follow him on Instagram.

      Paws Up.

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