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    Lady Gaga performs at Apple Park

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    Lady Gaga was invited by Apple to be the first artist to perform inside the new Apple Park in Cupertino, as part of the grand opening on May 17. 

    Gaga took to the stage playing a shorter version of her Enigma show for over 15000 Apple employees, exceeding original predictions of a 12000 crowd, on the Rainbow Stage, built as a tribute to the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The crowd enjoyed the private concert much more those at the Sapphire Conference last week, where Lady Gaga had to motivate the developers many times during the show. The stage was fairly different from the usual setup, including her name in the Enigma font in large LED lights as part of the design.

    Here are our favorite moments:


    When Gaga asked the crowd to tell her to go Fuck Herself:

    Lady Gaga dedicated Million Reasons to Laurene Powell late's husband.

    "If we could all, 15 thousand of us for one minute, that I will time, I would like silence, in honor of your late husband. I think it takes a true genius like Steve Jobs to be able to make so many people talk and communicate, and also, to leave us speechless. Laurene, you do so much for the world, with the Emerson Collective and so much more that you do. You help people, you're kind. This is the most important thing in the universe, kindness. This is what heals the whole world. So I hope you take this as a true sincere kind gesture. I would not only like to dedicate this to your late husband, but to you for carrying on his legacy."

    When she talked about being a nerd.

    "In moments like these I remember having really frizzy hair and a retainer in my mouth at school, and now i go like what the fuck, I'm the first performer at Apple Park. And it's even more exciting because I'm a nerd, and I fucking love nerds and you're just a bunch of fucking nerds. Because you're so fucking smart and so brilliant. And I used to feel so weird and now I don't. I don't feel so weird cause I'm not alone."

    When she asked the Apple Developers to create a "Be Kind" Emoji.

    "I'd also like to say thanks to Zane Lowe, because you know, he's always really encouraged me to do whatever the fuck I want. So I'm gonna ask you something, I actually think have to go through a different company and you guys have to approve it. But I would like, if you know anybody, an emoji that says 'Be Kind'. So I'm going to get to work on that."

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