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    I'm very excited to announce that our gallery (and forum) has reached 10.000 users! This might sound like a small achievement for a website like ours, but many of you don't recall that GAGAIMAGES.CO was very different a couple of years ago; in fact I had to move everything into a new platform to make LadyGagaNow and GAGAIMAGES one unique entity. This not only allowed me to better manage all of the aspects of the website, but it's giving me the possibility to introduce new features and customize it even more. The process took many many months of coding, but in the end I managed to transfer all our 300.000+ HQ photos to this new website with a very minimum loss. But unfortunately, all our hundreds of thousands of users got lost, and we had to start again from 0. But here we are again! I'm very proud of GAGAIMAGES. Since 2009 we offer little monsters the biggest and most updated repository of pictures for free. Many tried (and still do) copying us, but the quality of our contest is always unbeatable. Also thanks to many of our collaborators and friends from GagaPedia. The best part of GAGAIMAGES is that it's free: hundreds of thousands of exclusive pictures delivered in almost real time for you to use on your artworks or any kind of personal use you need. I never asked one penny for it, and I never will, even tho its maintenance costs are very high. We only rely on ads and donations. I personally believe in the historical importance of archiving, just passing time browsing trough our gallery brings back powerful and nostalgic memories unlike anything else before, and we can't wait to let you do more and more for years to come. To celebrate this particular milestone I decided to announce a brand new section on GAGAIMAGES that has been request for such a long time: Wallpapers. Inside wallpapers EVERY USER will be able to upload their favorite mobile backgrounds to the proper album and make it public and available for the world to use it. To keep everything in order I decided to divide them by musical eras and "other projects". Feel free to start uploading all your phone backgrounds simply clicking on "add pictures" inside the Wallpaper section. Remember to upload HQ photos and in 9:16 format, so even users with smaller phones can use it. Once you submitted each picture will be reviewed by our mods and become public. To give it a good start I decided to have a look at my personal archive of pictures and release 1 unseen picture from each era (I'm sorry Born This Way fans, that's all I could do for you). You can already find them in the new section. So yeah, enjoy it and have fun! Thanks for sticking with LadyGagaNow and GAGAIMAGES for more than 10 years. (If you want to help us on GagaImages just send a request using the form on The Gallery). Don't forget that with your account you can also WRITE YOUR OWN ARTICLE, access exclusive sections on our forum, and login into our LGN Mobile App and see exclusive pictures on GAGAIMAGES. Hope you guys have fun, and don't worry, if you're not interested in pictures I'm planning something way more CONCRETE for everyone. Love, Matt
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    Hello beloveds I recently recreated the symbols and the logo of the Chromatica era, and I'm sharing it so that you can have a good material to produce quality arts. I encourage all of you to make wallpapers, covers, banners and whatever else you can do to make the engagement of this era as high as possible. Preview: Download: [Hidden Content] I was careful to recreate them with as much resemblance as possible, so I hope you like it and enjoy it! PS: In this package will also include high resolution photoshoots and png files sorry for my english, haha
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    Hello, everyone! I made a project, being inspired by Born This Way's vinyl boxset. I hope that you will enjoy it! It's really difficult to share a big project, so Twitter thread link was a better descion! Tell we your thoughts here or on Twitter! BE KIND TO EACH OTHER!
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    It was so nice sharing my and my friend Fitz Wu's Stupid Love illustration with you all last month and you were all so kind and supportive! So I'm excited to share our new Chromatica illustration with you all! Chromatica Illustration By Jay Elizondo (me) and Fitz Wu Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail Chromatica Illustration (Version 1) By Jay Elizondo (me) and Fitz Wu I also made a merch concept and would love to know if anyone would be interested in ordering merch if I found a merchant? Front: Back: Thank you for letting me share this with you!
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    That's cool! Wish I have the money. Anyway, I'm accepting donations. Lol.
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    as my boyfriend is a DJ and music producer, i asked him to make me a set of chromatica's album as i am a lover of circuit-house music, he made such an amazing production. ❤️ i wanna share it with you all , hope u like it! please follow my bae on soundcloud greetings from MEXICO!
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    Hey Monsters, here (again) are the posters I made for the rescheduled Chromatica Ball dates (this time with photos instead of the link to my Insta). Hope you love them. xoxo 💋
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    FORMAT: .mp4 (H.264, AAC) SIZE: 2.59 GB DIMENSIONS: 1920 x 1090 DURATION: 02:34:52 DOWNLOAD You can also discuss about this event here.
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    Well you can always name them after haus symbols (kindness punks, junkyard scavengers, etc.) to stick with the haus theme. or by other tracks of Chromatica (Alice, Plastic Doll, etc.) but since the brand is called Haus of Enigma you could stick to the Engima theme and name them after Engima lyrics. Shade: Woman Phantom, Shade: We Could Be Lovers, Shade: We Could Be Jokers, Shade: Dragon's Eyes, Shade: Goddess Breathing, Shade: Virtual, Shade: Stigma. IDK just initial thoughts
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    I have mine hang on the wall, except for the transparent chromatica one
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    Hey everyone! I made these Chromatica posters based on movie posters and decided to share with everyone!! here's DL link [Hidden Content] (available for 7days) You can also check my tumblr for more edits like this! [Hidden Content]
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    So, here is my collection so far (Rain On Me picture disc is ordered)
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    Cherry Lips Liptints? Serving some Plastic Doll lyrics? May already be a thing but
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    I've been creating concept art inspired on Planet Chromatica, hope you guys like it ! 💗⚔️ http://www.instagram.com/michelomar
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    Hey Monsters, I made this "Sour Candy" poster, hope you love it😊. 💋
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    Hey, I was wondering sometimes lyric videos preview a bunch of exciting cohesive things for the future, Concept, colors, a story, ... like teasing bigger things. Once said, Is this lyric video portraying a music video concept for Sour Candy?
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    Why not lol " my voice my strength "is a great slogan , and that's something she could do I think especially now . So it's a no 🥺 my brain is overheating So, is it music , chromatica related? Are you gonna tell us if someone found the answer?
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    She's the only one that can do something about that
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    V - VMA? V type of letter on that - SIMILAR TO VMAS LATEST LOGO! Top Level - ? Chromatica Medley + Her Top Hits = Video Vanguard Medley?!!!!! VMAS 2013 were in Barcleys Center and now... VMAS 2020 will BE HELD IN BARCLEYS CENTER! She's gonna receive the Vanguard Award and perform along with Ariana?!!! That's AWESOME!
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    thank you 🙂 Sine From Above Government Hooker
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    Hey Monsters, I made this new Chromatica edit, hope you love it💓 💋
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    Saw it!! You've been spamming it for days tagging me ahhaha
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    Hey thank you so much it took ages to think what I wanted to do I used several apps to do this
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    I feel bad for you I know how obsessed I can be when I don't find something lol do you remember what she was wearing or talked about or in what country she was ?
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