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    Vogue UK has reveled that Lady Gaga will be the new face of Valentino's upcoming fragrance: Voce Viva. The fragrance will be released later this September with a worldwide campaign. The idea of the new fragrance is centered around the values of inclusivity and individual personality, which Gaga has been so vocal about over the course of her career. The campaign is expected to be shoot later this week. We can also exclusively reveal that the commercial will feature a song from Chromatica. View full article
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    I wouldn't believe anything you hear about Lady Gaga on the internet, unless you hear it directly from her or her team. Most of what you read about her on the internet is false. I've noticed this with a lot of famous people, but with her in particular
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    It was supposed to be a website where Gaga would announce new videos and such.
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    I love the visuals so much!! What software did you use to make those renderings?
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    Format: JPG Size: 2.2MB Dimensions: 3600x3600
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    Lady Gaga Now proudly presents LGN, a mobile app carefully curated by our team, now available for download on Apple Store and Google Play. The app prides to be the first of its kind, and aims to revolutionize the way that our fandom works. DOWNLOAD NOW The App It has been designed to provide our users with the latest news and events as they are happening in real time, readily available at the convenience of your fingertips. This initial version of the app features a news section, and a calendar detailing the events scheduled for Gaga throughout the year. Each user will receive an instant notification with each major update, and will be able to use the calendar on the home page to keep track of the upcoming events. Features The featured section at the top is free and open to each and every one of our users. In order to participate, users will need to reach a comment count of 10 on our forum, related to any topic. Once the 10 comment count has been fulfilled, the user can head to the featured section and start posting their column. All the rules and guidelines are provided in the corresponding section. For now, you can use this section directly from our website. The app also makes it super easy for users to apply to be a part of the Lady Gaga Now team. The settings section will give the users to submit their applications as opportunities arise. What's To Come Next? We have created our app with love, and sincere interest in the betterment of our community. The app is still in its stage of infancy, with many exciting improvements and features coming in the immediate feature. We are planning to bring our beloved forum to the app in the upcoming weeks, before the release of Chromatica. Once launched, the forum will be at the epicenter of our app, helping to create a massive, yet intimate community of monsters from all around the world. We will also be hosting many exciting games where the winner gets special prizes. Furthermore, we are glad to announce that our users will be able to contribute to the articles featured on our website and the app. The upcoming updates will allow users to customize the app and alter its theme. There will also be countless opportunities to win prizes beyond the forum, described above. We will also bring to your fingertips GAGAIMAGES, the biggest Lady Gaga gallery out on the Internet. Our app is a culmination of immense effort and countless hours of hard work. All we hope for is to you to enjoy what we have created. Love, Gaga Now
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