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    Hello beloveds I recently recreated the symbols and the logo of the Chromatica era, and I'm sharing it so that you can have a good material to produce quality arts. I encourage all of you to make wallpapers, covers, banners and whatever else you can do to make the engagement of this era as high as possible. Preview: Download: [Hidden Content] I was careful to recreate them with as much resemblance as possible, so I hope you like it and enjoy it! PS: In this package will also include high resolution photoshoots and png files sorry for my english, haha
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    It's flawless! I'm so happy rn
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    Lady Gaga has just released her collaboration with Ariana Grande, 'Rain On Me', as the official second single from 'Chromatica', on all streaming platforms and YouTube. The official music video for the song is coming today, May 22nd at 1pm EST on YouTube. Worldwide timetable available below. STREAMING PLATFORMS: https://smarturl.it/RainOnMeChromatica Rain On Me Music Video Release Timetable click to zoom View full article
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    Rain on me! Like it very much... Is essential GAGA.
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    Hello guys, I've just released a new version of the "Chromatica" layout. You'll see that it's not very different from the previous one, but it should be much more faster. You can still pick your favorite colours on the top bar, clicking on the paint brush. I'm still working on the Junkyard Scavengers theme but it's hard to have a full dark mode on this theme! Let me know below your thoughts and if you see any graphic bug. P.S. The beta testing of the forum in the LGN app is coming later this week
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    I’m not disappointed at all. I mean 3:02 is good enough. gotta appreciate what gaga serves, right? 🙆🏻‍♀️
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    one of my favorite hobbies has always been making my own covers for my itunes etc. so I thought it might be fun to start a little space on here where we can share our creations and/or finds (with credit) ! here's my latest - very inspired by the 80's vibes that I get from the song:
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/B_xzohkpr40/ My fan art My fan made
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    Grimes, Sophie and Allie X!
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    Wow!! Beautiful !! Sometimes I do some too... These I did when I was part of the RDT Lady Gaga (RDT Design) team (Brazil fan site - The best)
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