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    For Gaga's birthday this year, Gaga Now team has decided to compile a select collection for an letters into a book that will be gifted to Gaga herself. This project was born with the purest intensions to cheer Gaga up during the Corona pandemic, which has resulted in her 6th studio album Chromatica to be postponed. All we ask is for you to write a letter in proper English where you wish Gaga a happy birthday and put a smile on her face. The letter should... Talk about how Gaga has helped you in your life; Be written in proper English; Be a minimum of 300 characters, maximum of 1 page; Use a character size of 12; Have your full name signed at the end (and your Twitter @ tagged if you want); Be cheerful, yet professional, meaning no "Yaas" or small talk. The letters should be posted below as reply or sent by email: [email protected] Any letter that doesn't meet the minimus requirement will be deleted. Tomorrow at midnight European time, the thread will be locked and the best letters to be featured in the book will be picked by our team. The letters will be compiled in an e-book and sent to Gaga's management who will present it to her. Though we will try our best to feature each submission we receive, keep in mind that not all letters will make it into the book. Therefore, try to be concise but memorable to stand out. Only a maximum of 50 letters will be selected.
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    Hi So your music has always helped me through a lot of stuff. Whenever something is/went bad, I always look(ed) up to you and Madonna. You’re the biggest inspiration in my life. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid and I remember when I bought The Fame Monster. I couldn’t get enough of the songs Alejandro & So Happy I Could Die, and even to this day they’re my favourite songs together with Black Jesus Amen Fashion. I have never seen you live, but I wish I would someday (you need to visit Stockholm again ) I am honestly so excited for Chromatica, and I really wish you an era with lots of success and love. I wish you so much luck. Never forget you’re a big fucking legend. You have helped through very rough times in my life and I’m so thankful for that. My biggest wish for you is to have an amazing fucking birthday and I’m sending you lots of love and luck Love, Vic 🧡 Twitter: @maedonnav
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    Dear Gaga, First of all, Happy Birthday, angel. I can't put in words how much you mean to me. You're not just a singer, you're a whole world to me and millions of Little Monsters. You inspire creators and artists, teach us to be kind and love ourselves, you heal our souls through your music. You teach me to be strong, never give up and follow my dreams. You came into my life at hard time. I was broken and alone and there seemed no way out. But you taught me that it's okay not to be okay and every day I make a small step towards healing. I will no longer let anyone convince me that my kindness is a weakness and that I am not good enough. Every time when I am not brave enough, I remember how bravely you stand up to this world, so I can too. And when I’m feeling bad I just put on my earphones and Rocket number 9 take off to the planet Venus! I started drawing again only because of you. And every time I speak my ideas through the art, I feel freedom and happiness, which I completely forgot about. Thank you for me. One day I will see you and hear you live and one of my biggest dreams will come true but for now I will see you on Chromatica. I will always be by your side and follow you to any planet, rather it be Venus or the world you created. And we let the whole world see the celebration of kindness punks and become a little kinder and better. Take care of yourself in this difficult time and stay safe, because we are nothing without you. I wish you all the love that you give to this world, but multiplied millions of times. Love, Marina @aboomboompau on Twitter and IG
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    Gaga You are a very great inspiration to me. Not once when I had a bad day, a breakdown - you were always present in my life. Your music has always saved everything. Whenever I cried, woke up with no desire to live, you kept me alive with your music. Thanks to you I got out of it all and now I am a better person! I'm fighting for myself! You have always been an inspiration, motivation and someone important in my life. I swear this will never change, because without you and your music my life wouldn't make sense. One day I would like to stand in front of you and hug you and thank you for everything you have done in my life. You are a very brave person! You mean a lot to me. Remember, you are a valuable person. Never give up! I love you very much and will always support you in the most difficult moments, but also in the joyful ones! Love you so much, xoxo ♥ Thomas B Twitter: @xanviee
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    Dearest angel, mother monster, Lady Gaga, Stefi, I wish you a pleasant day with everything you deserve and may wish for. I just wanna take a moment to thank you for everything that you do for me, for all little monsters, for the world. You have always been a part of my life, I grew up with your music, but I will say that as the days go by, you mean more and more to me. The last couple of months have been really tough, I started to deal a lot with anxiety and still do, but everyday you help me to keep going and try to be brave, learn to rest in myself and find peace, confidence and kindness within myself, so I can be the best version of me, you bring me hope, you’re my reason to stay. Everyday I find peace and happiness in you and your music, you can always put a smile on my face. No matter what emotions I may feel I’ll listen to your music, watch Gaga five foot two or a star is born, scroll through yours and other little monsters social media platforms, to feel connected to you and to feel the love and kindness in the world. In our monster family we lead with kindness and braveness and spread love into the world, and that is just so inspiring, I truly love our community. I wish I could go on the Chromatica ball tour with you, and have the time of my life and biggest party ever with you, I would love to give you a big warm hug and thank you for everything. From the bottom of my Heart; thank you for being who you are, for never letting anyone tear you down, for keep on going even in the darkest times, for believing in yourself every step of the way and not letting anyone stop you cause look where it brought you, for being the amazing woman you are, for showing us the way and helping us, for leading with love and kindness, for EVERYTHING! Happy birthday, I can’t wait for what the future may bring and to keep growing with you and follow you by your side down our path. Never stop doing what you do, always keep going and remember that you have the biggest support behind you even when you may feel alone. You have the purest, kindest, most beautiful soul with a heart of gold and you inspire so many people. I love you so so so much and will always do, xoxo💕💋 - Nanna Berthelsen Twitter: @BerthelsenNanna Instagram: @iwasbornwithmypawsup
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    Hi, Gaga! This is Daniel, from Seville (Spain). Happy 34th birthday!! One more year wishing you a happy birthday since 2009, when I fell in love with your music and yourself as a human being. Now I am 22, but back at those times I was a little 10-year-old kid who was so happy to have found a referent and role-model to always look at. It was magical to have grown in parallel with you. I grew up as a human being and as an adult I am today thanks for everything you did that influenced my life. You have helped me through my saddest times, cheered me up when I needed to disconnect and dance and encouraged me to be myself and accept that I was born this way! Every era, every album, everything you have done has been a turning point in my life. It is unthinkable to think about my life without you being present in every single moment. But definetely, I can say I don't regret a bit having become a Little Monster. In fact, is one of the proudest things I could say about myself. You are the best idol one person could ever have. After so many years, I could finally see you live in Barcelona at the artRAVE in 2014 and at the Joanne World Tour in 2018. Sadly, I am not able to afford seeing you live this summer at the Chromatica Ball and I am devastated. However, although things are difficult right now, I cannot wait until Chromatica finally comes out (VERY soon I hope) and I could see what this exciting new era bring us. I will be right be your side FOR LIFE. I love you to Chromatica and back. Xoxo, Daniel Ruiz Corchado @DaniGaga16_ on twitter @danilittlemonster16 on instagram
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    Dear Gaga, I wish you the happiest 34th birthday! In fact you deserve all the good things that this world can give. You're the light of my life. You and your music helped me go through the hardest time which is bullying back in middle school. I think that I wouldn't be alive without you. I remember going back from school, looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, crying and listening to Marry the Night. This song is so special to me. It gave me strength and it still does especially during my anxiety attacks. Whole Born This Way album is incredibly important to me. Also I want to thank you for being my huge inspiration. I wrote many songs about you and I aspire to have a band. You woke up my passion for music. Last but not least - thank you so much for being an bisexual icon. I am bi as well and the fact that you came out helped me being comfortable with it. I promise I'll be supporting you always because I want to give back the kindness and courage you gave me. Thank you for sharing those things with the world. I hope that I'll see you someday and hear your spectacular vocals live. I love you very very much, never stop smiling. Love, Kasia. (twitter: @marrytheniqht_)
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    Happy birthday Gaga, 💘💓🥰 🎂💖 Thank you for everything, you bring me and tons of other people so much happiness. 💗✨✨ Before I was a monster I wasn’t the kindest person, but since then you have made me a much more kind, compassionate and loving person and I am so grateful for that. Before you I didn’t know that being anything other than straight was an option, let alone being bi, so thank you for always spreading awareness for the lgbtq+ community and for showing me I didn’t have to just like guys! I really don’t know who I’d be without you and your music. Also Joanne and ARTPOP both deserved way more and I cannot wait for Chromatica!!! I love you forever and even though we don’t know each other personally, I know you will always be there for me. You deserve the world and more. ❤️
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    Lady Gaga, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL!!! You are my hero. I’m sitting here thinking about what I could possibly say to you, because everything I want to say isn’t possible to fit into a letter but I guess I can sum it up in two words - thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being strong, and brave, beautiful and brilliant. You have done such amazing things in so many peoples lives. People of all ages. I appreciate so much all of the things you stand for and that you never give up on your visions.You are a voice for the younger generation that we need more than ever and I will forever be grateful for that. I, myself, am 23. Me and my best friend, Luis have attended 2 of your concerts. Those will forever be the greatest nights of my entire life, and I have you to thank for that. It is through Luis and his love for you that I learned so much about you and have become a die hard fan myself! He’s been with you since the very beginning. Every time you sent out a mysterious tweet or we see something online about you it’s a matter of who can text who the fastest about what it could be about. You are our heroes and always will be. We love you so much. His birthday is in May and we live in Arizona, so depending on the situation of the world I’m going to try to hopefully surprise him with a trip to Chicago for your Chromatica Ball in August! Fingers crossed He doesn’t know I’m writing this so maybe you could send him a little message via instagram when/if you get this? @luiszcifer His life would honestly be complete and that would complete mine. Thank you. I LOVE YOU! Breanna Madison Crewse twitter: @_breannamadison
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    Happy Birthday, Gaga!!! You’re one of my favorite people and I love you so much. You deserve all the best, all the kindness, happiness and love. "It’s always wrong to hate, but it’s never wrong to love" - thank you for teaching me to be kind, for helping me to find out that kindness is already inside me.Thank you! I don’t know where I would be mentally and physically without you. I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you. And you’re always in my heart and in my thoughts. I love you so much! Hope to see you soon! Love, Yana
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    Hello Gaga! I wish you are enjoying your birthday with love, peace, kindness and light. You are an angel that changed my life forever, you gave me love, kindness, magic, fantasy, faith through the way you are, your art, your words, your work. Gaga, I love myself and I am free, We did it! I'm so thankful God put you in my life. Thank you so much for everything you do for me, for being yourself, you are so beautiful and wonderful. When I look at you I see myself, I see Frank. I love you so much! ❤❤❤ Your little monster Frank José Francisco Escamilla Ortega @jfrankeo
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    Hi, Gaga Firstly, happy birthday! I hope you're doing amazing and enjoying this more-than-special date. I'm João Pedro (18) from Brazil and I was 7 when I met you and turned into a fan. You are an exceptional human being, and you heal people with your words, music and kindness. I'd like to share some examples with you so I can prove that. In 2011, I had my first episode of depression. As a 9-year-old child, I didn't know what was going on and I just wanted to die, but then “The Edge of Glory” played on the radio. I did not speak English at that time, but the energy of hope in that song helped me - alongside my family, friends and a doctor - on seeing the light again. You healed me once. Your speech in Russia, alongside “Born This Way”, made me accept myself as a person with disability and non-straight guy. You healed me twice. And finally, you're showing me that kindness is the key of all forms of love. YOU HEAL ME EVERYDAY. I hope this letter warms your heart the same way your passion for art, people and life warms mine. Have a great day Love u forever, João Pedro dos Reis Dias @jpeudias
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    Dear Lady Gaga, First of all I would like to wish you a happy birthday. I wish all your dreams and wishes come true and this very special day brings you joy and happiness. You can't imagine how happy and lucky I am to have you in my life. I was only 9 years old when I first heard Bad Romance on the radio. And in that moment I fell in love with you and your art. I can remember how I was listening to your music all day long and my mum yelling at me to finally stop it because I was getting on her nerves with it. 😊 But it was fun and even though I couldn't speak English back then and I didn't understand what were you singing about, what were you talking about and what did you stand for, I was connected to your spirit and that was the reason why I could never let you go since then. I was bullied a lot for listening to your music. Everyone said that I was stupid and strange for being your fan. But even if I had to lock myself inside my room so I could secretly listen to your music, I could never give up on you. And as time passed, life was going on. I realized that I'm gay and I tried to do everything to change that, my father passed away when I was only 14 years old, we had to move from one side of Europe to the other and I have to tell you, that you were that person who was always there for me in those very hard times. You were the one telling me that it is okay to be different, it is okay to feel different and there is nothing wrong with me. And I am pretty sure that I would not be alive if you wouldn't have been there for me. And I can't be thankful enough for that. And I hope that you know, that you are not just a singer and not just a celebrity for me. You are one real big part of my life that I will never let go. And I am sure that there are many many more people who feel the same. So please, especially during these hard times, take very good care of you, stay strong and healthy. Always be happy and even if you sometimes feel like you're living the worst day of your life, take a moment to look in the mirror and see the hero in yourself. The hero who saved thousands and thousands of lives. I wish you all the bests and a lot of happiness with your family, friends and your Little Monsters. ❤️ With love, Arny. Twitter: @thegagaunderyou
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    Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!!! 💞 Thank you for helping me fight my inner battles and for teaching me that being sad or angry is not wrong. Thank you for being my inspiration and showing me that being different is always something positive and unique. Thank you for rescuing me from a very dark place, you are my angel and I owe you everything. Thanks to you I've gained the confidence to sing in public, appreciate myself, share my feelings and do what makes me feel good, regardless of what people say or think. Also, thanks for teaching me that, if I trust myself and my instincts, I can achieve anything and that I always have to try to be kind to everyone. (And for showing me I don’t need to rely on other people's opinion to do something). You've made me evolve into a greater and kinder human being. This year is being amazing thanks to all the lessons you've taught me, and you also helped me learn some english hehe. By the way, I'm having some questions regarding my sexuality, and I'm like 85% sure I'm a lesbian. I'm not afraid of considering being gay thanks to you. You introduced me to the LGBTQ+ community and now I'm prepared to face myself and all my questions. I'm actually really excited about the idea of being gay because I appreciate so much the community and that's because of you. (I recently turned 15, so you are really helping me deal with my teen and stubborn self). P.S: I absolutely understand that you postponed the release of Chromatica. I love you to the moon and back, and I hope all of your family (including yourself) is doing great!! Lots of love and support from Spain 🇪🇸 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 - Mar Lorente Huguet Twitter: @Mar_LadyGaga
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    Dear Lady Gaga, I never thought that I would write a letter to you on this day - your birthday. I am so thankful that the universe made me listen to your music, to your voice, to your mind. For the past year, you definitely changed my view on life, you gave me purpose to live. Thank you for making me brave when I needed it the most. On this 34th year of your existence, I hope you'll have a great life specifically your health on these days. Don't forget that we will always be here for you l, and we little monsters love you. We really do. Love, Kailha Twitter: @kailhaa
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    LG, Happiest of birthdays to you! I hope you are showered with love and joy by the people who mean the most to you on your special day, even from a distance. I've been listening to your music since your first hit single. Your songs have been the background music to a large part of my adult life. I love your unique musical style and clever use of language in the lyrics. You have always stood out to me as an artist of immeasurable talent, and I am so proud of how much you have accomplished in such a short time. Your music always makes me want to dance, powers me through my workouts, and your voice brings me peace when I am dealing with life's rough patches. I want to thank you for sharing your incredible talents with the world. Thank your for working so hard and never giving up. Your efforts to spread kindness are so important, and as a mom of 2 autistic sons, hit me right in the heart. Thank you for telling people that they are "beautiful in their way." Those words have helped me know that I am doing the right thing by letting my kids be who they are. Rather than trying to "cure" them, I've spent the last 16 years (yeah, I'm old) making sure everyone knows that they are just as they were meant to be. On a more serious note (but not too serious), your bravery in sharing your mental health struggles inspired my husband to finally seek help for PTSD that he had been suffering with since a combat deployment in 2010. He was at the end of his ability to cope and then we saw A Star is Born, and he watched some videos of you speaking about your struggles, and he got help a few weeks later. You literally helped saved his life and my kids and I will never be able to thank you enough. I've only seen you once live. My husband and I went to your Jazz and Piano show and watched you from the 4th row. I felt your voice literally travel right through me. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced. You are a damn good performer, Gaga! My husband was so blown away, he got a tattoo of the "LG" logo you used for that show! It's safe to say you've got a new fan for life. I can't wait to see you at the Chromatica ball in Chicago (fingers crossed!!!) and hope to catch Enigma and J&P again when you return to Vegas. Cheers to all the good health, happiness, and love you deserve! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us this coming year! With admiration, Natalie @brergnat
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    Dear Stefani, Happy 34th Birthday and congratulations on your latest works, like HausLabs, Chromatica and your upcoming kindness book. I write this to you from Colombia 🇨🇴 and I want to thank you because I grew up listening to you with my family. Believe it or not, your music is one of the few things that has been keeping us tight together since 2008. They assisted to your BTW BALL in Colombia! I couldn’t because I was still too young… Anyway! at first, I didn’t understand a word you sang or why you’d wear meat to a grammy award ceremony, or how you’d walk in those tower-tall heels . However, I learned english and most of my knowledge comes from you. Overtime, I understood all those messages in songs like Born This Way and Angel Down and thanks to them I never had to struggle with loving myself or being kind to others. You inspire me to become an activist, fight for rights, but also a musician who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, because I plan to speak for a large group of people who have been silenced by others by any reasons, either bullied teenagers, abused women, and so on!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤲🏻 You built me from 0 to who I am now, gave me a loving family and introduced me to all these beautiful gay, music, mental health and beauty communities that accept me for who I am. I admire you hard work, you really change lives. Thank you for the time you’ve put into your lyrics, your sounds, all the colors, photographs, etc, it all has a meaning for us. I have never and will never be ashamed of who I am and it is all thanks to you!💙 Happy Birthday Superstar! ⭐️✨ —Gogi ⭐️ Twitter & Instagram: @Gogsxter
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    Dear Gaga, First of all I want to wish you the happiest birthday! I wish we were all celebrating with you. My name is Samantha, and I have been your fan since the very beginning, and through you I have met some of the bestest friends I’ve ever had. I cannot thank you enough for every thing that you do for your fans and for the world. You and your music have saved me from when I have felt lost and depressed, or when I can no longer handle life anymore. But I really can’t thank you enough for introducing me to Joanne. I have always wanted to share this story with you, because we both share something in common. I myself lost my aunt, 13 years ago, from Ovarian cancer. Her name was Karen. She was also young when she passed away. And for some crazy reason, you remind me of her. But your album healed me from the pain of losing her, and for that, I can never thank you enough. I hope one day I get the opportunity to meet you, and I will be seeing you very soon at The Chromatica Ball in London! Lots of love, Samantha Twitter: @samjadebradley
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    Today is your birthday but I’m the one who thanks you. I feel in love your music and your personality, ideas when you released “Poker Face” there was something about you that I felt enigmatic, I still feel. I’m so proud and honored that I grow up listening to you, your songs, voice, speech helped me during the darkest times of my life; bullying, anxiety, depression, and compulsive eaten disorder. I found the joy and light to get help, to be brave and do the changes that I was so afraid of, once you said: It’s not about making money, it’s about being a friend for that kid at home who feels different and you did, you saved me many times. Thank you for making me meet amazing people who I can say that are my friends, for being so brave and sacrifice so much, you were my hero and still is, I hope your day is full of love and joy, that you have those who you love next to you and that you can feel the warmth in your heart because we all wish you a very Gaga Happy B-Day, so much love to you from Brazil. Your little monster, Armando Condelo. @excitingaga
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    hey Stefani, Happy Birthday Angel. I love you so much❤️ I hope you have an amazing birthday 🎉 You have helped me through so much and saved my life so many times. I wish I could hug you, sing Happy Birthday to you and thank you in person ❤️You mean the world to me ❤️ I’ve been by your side since 2008 and will stand by you forever ❤️❤️Your beautiful voice calms me down when my depression is kicking my butt. All i have to do is hear you talking or singing and I’m at peace inside ❤️ Thank you my angel ❤️❤️ I love u with all my heart and soul ❤️❤️ love always Holly xoxox
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    Dear Gaga, I first heard about you when I was six years old, and I grew up blasting your music and dancing in my room. I was raised in a conservative, Catholic family, and my childhood was extremely unhappy. I realized I was gay right before Born This Way came out, and the lyrics mentioning the LGBTQ community by name saved me from years of internalized homophobia. I had it in my head that it didn't matter what my family thought, because you'd love me unconditionally. Cut to last year, after 11 years of my life centered around you and your art, you made that speech at Stonewall on the 50th anniversary of the protests. You gave me the courage I needed to come out to a few of my sisters. They all accepted me, and it couldn't have went better. I struggle with mental illness and extremely low self-esteem, and have always felt like a freak. I think of you like a mother not because you gave me life, but because you saved my life. I know I would be a sobbing mess if I ever met you, because you've done so much for me over the years. I am indebted to you, and words can't begin to express my love for you. Take care of yourself, and keep staying strong. I can't wait to experience Chromatica!! ~Ethan
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    Happy Birthday Joanne 💙 Since I was a little child I always felt different from my family and the people around me. I was a very creative girl who liked to invent things, and who loved music ever since I was born (literally, I was singing before I could walk). And I grew up being rebellious against my mom’s rules of “how a lady should be”. When I listened to Just Dance, I was learning english by myself and I loved to learn it with music, so I memorized all of your lyrics, I’ve always loved music and always loved you, only that at the age of 15 I didn’t really understood the power of your message. After I moved out from my home town to study the University, I came to the city and not living with my family made me feel so free. I’ve never really experienced sentimental pain, until I turned 22, my grandma died, which developed in my a chronic depression that remains till now. The thing is that I didn’t know I was depressed because I didn’t used to express my feelings, i never let my heart open up to people, so I was incapable of making real bonds with anyone. One day, my Yoga Teacher saw me crying because I couldn’t bear the pain, and she hugged me, came close to me and offered me help. I just let it all out, she recommended me to go to therapy and I did. That woman changed my life and now she’s one of my best friends. I started to understand through therapy that I was worth of love just the way I am, cause I was born this way. That song became my anthem. I also struggled with an eating disorder, in which I’m working very hard every day. But you and your uniqueness, made me feel just as beautiful and unique as you, and helped me accept myself. But I don’t want to overwhelm you with my story, I want to put a smile on your face. Thanking you for having that beautiful voice, not just to sing, but to speak about Mental Health, which I would have never understood if I wouldn’t had struggled with it. When I left my psychiatrist, the first thing I did was to get a tatto with the phrase: “born this way”, Because that day, my life changed. I work on my self, I’m brave and I’m a kindness punk and Mental Health enthusiast in social media and my dream is to be part of Born This Way foundation, bringing it to my country and help to change the world; cause I don’t wanna die before I’ve caused some impact in society. I’m also an Artist (photographer & film maker), and when I’m lack of inspiration, I play your music and it really helps me to be more creative. Part of my therapy has been to make Portraits of me in different techniques, spreading Mental Health Awareness through my work. I wish that this day is a Blessing, that you connect with yourself and with those you love. You’re perfect and you’re the bravest person I know. Thanks for encouraging the world to be Brave and Kind. Be safe always, be you always, I love you Joanne. P.D. The reason I call you Joanne is very special, because You and I have that in common, I was named Reyna after my father’s sister died. She died at a young age and she’s always been part of me, I hold a very strong bond with her even though I never knew her. Thank you for being part of my live, even though I’m not part of yours directly. With love, Reyna.
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    HI, MOM! I hope you are well and calm in your home. It is difficult not to write this letter and not to be emotional with the possibility of you reading it. His music is in fact an energy that brings us peace, and it equals a mother's lap. When you wrote about the postponement of chromatics and said that we could be sad and angry, know that you don't have to worry about that. There are fans who put themselves in YOUR place and understand your needs. We were with you in the turbulence and we were with you at the peak, so stay calm and enjoy your days knowing that there is a large group of people who respect you and trust you. WE ARE NOT SAD AND SO LITTLE ANGRY, WE ARE ANXIOUS AND WE KNOW YOU WILL DO ALL THAT YOU KNOW HOW TO DO BETTER: Put your heart on the dance floor! Happy Birthday dear [ and always count on Brazil ] xoxo Jhosa Gabriel Souza Araújo @beijaminhaboka
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    Hii angel, First of all I wanna wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Gaga, you've helped me so many times in my life and still. Whenever I'm feeling down I put on your music and you make me feel so much better! You truly are one of my biggest inspirations and I'm so happy to be a part of this family that you built with your music, your love and your kindness! My love for you is bigger than you can possibly imagine and when I'm listening to your music or some of your interviews I can feel the love that you have for me and for all the little monsters. Know that whenever you're sad, I'm sad too and when you're happy, I'm happy too! I'll always be here for you!!! Thank you for inspiring me everyday and I can't wait to meet you! With love, Isadora Dutra 🇧🇷❤ Twitter: mystargaga
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    Stefani when I was 14 I got really sick and I got diagnosed with colon cancer. During that time I was really scared and I was hopeless because I thought that’s it, that’s my end. I specifically was terrified of chemotherapy, I gave up and I wanted to free myself, so I decided to take pills and you know the rest. This all happened in 2016 and one day I listened to million reasons, idk bit there was something about your voice and that song made me cry my eyes out then I started listening to your discography, I listened to all your interviews, speeches, Songs, etc, you were encouraging us to be hopeful and not giving up. Your words had a lot of impact on me and you made me a much more stronger person so I did the chemotherapy and four years later I’m here because of you. I’m crying while I write this for you but I want you to know that I owe you my life, there’s no words in the world that can describe my love for you, I love you more than anything I hope someday I finally meet you and tell you all of this in person but until then I wish you a great year full of happiness, love and success Happy birthday my Goddess Lots of love❤️❤️❤️ Shayan Mirshekari twitter:Shmir20031
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    Gaga, Happy Happy Birthday! It is insane to believe you have been around for the last 11 years of my life, inspiring me with everything you do. I don’t know if you will ever truly understand how much you have changed not only my life, but millions of others. Your inspiring music and message gave me the power and courage to come out to my family. Once out, your powerful pop music allowed me to dance and celebrate the love for myself. Your never-wavering message of positivity and kindness will live on for generations to come. Never forget that your little monsters love you more than you could ever imagine and we will always be by your side no matter what this decade of life brings. Never stop being undeniably you ❤️ With so much love and admiration, Owen Carroll @_oweennnn_
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    Hi, I’m Olly When I was like 10 years old (now I’m 17), I knew who Lady Gaga is, but I was too young to listen to you. I knew some songs not more. But last year my life changed drastically. In February I was sick and I stayed at home. I decided to watch something in Instagram and the trailer of the movie “A Star is born” ⭐ was there. I decided to watch it. And I fell in love with you, Stefani. You inspired me to write my own lyrics and to be an artist. BUT I had a problem: I couldn’t write lyrics. And I had a little depression. I felt worthless. But when I started listening to you more, I could do it. And now, I have my own songs, I almost finish my first album. And it’s all because of your music🎶, because of your words, because of your inspiration. I will be grateful to your my whole life.🙏🏽 I’m from Russia (we love you sooo much) and I wish you could come to Moscow again. I promise to you and to myself that one day we will record a song together!! Just remember my words!! 💪Also, I’m so excited about your new album. Happy birthday, our The strongest Mother Monster.🎉🎉 You will always be in my heart.💜 Wish you to be the happiest and the healthiest. Lots of love 💕 Olly Schiller twitter: @olly_schiller instagram: @olly.schiller
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    Gaga, Happy Birthday! I don't even know where to start to explain how grateful I am for you! You have changed my entire life and in doing so have made me a better person. You have taught be how to be myself and accept me for who I am! You also taught me to accept my sexuality which I appreciate every day since my own family doesn't accept it. Honestly, I could never thank you enough because not only did you change my life, but you saved it too. You gave me a reason to keep going when I thought I had nothing left and I will forever be grateful for that. Every time I am going through rough patches I can listen to your music and it brings me back up! You are such an inspiration and I wish more than anything that all of us Little Monsters could be there with you for your birthday to tell you how much we appreciate and adore you! But know that we will all be with you in spirit!! I will see you (for the first time) at Enigma and at the Chromatica Ball and I can't wait!! But until then stay safe, healthy, and happy, because that's what is most important to me. One day I hope we can meet and I can give you a hug, but until that can happen I'll be streaming Stupid Love and every other album on repeat!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Sending all of my love indefinitely, Kristin Adamek💗💗💗 Twitter: kris_adamek
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER MONSTER! Words can not express how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I have loved you since as long as I can remember. As a child some of my favorite memories are of me and my mom dancing and singing to your songs I’m her car! Now I am sixteen and after I saw the movie A Star is Born my life was changed for the better! I fell in love with your kindness, obviously your talent, and everything in between. I have watched that movie (along with Five Foot Two) more times than I can count! While growing up I was bullied ALOT. I was made fun of for the shape of my nose, and my outgoing personality. However, between your message in A Star Is Born and all of your music, I don’t feel ashamed to be myself anymore. I feel proud to be unapologetically me. So I want to thank you for that, for making me feel brave enough to be myself and for your music giving me a safe space to always return to when I am sad. I turned 16 in November and was dying to see your Enigma Residency. I live in California and my family has a lot of extra added expenses because both me and my older sister are in our high schools award winning show choir. ( I love to dance and have been doing so since I was 2 years old and one day I am going to audition to be a one of your dancers) So, when I asked if we could go to your concert for my birthday they immediately said no. However, being the extremely persistent girl I am I didn’t want to take no as an answer. So, I created a PowerPoint to try to convince them. I made a 50 slide presentation entitled “Lady Gaga Is My Queen” that talked about all the reasons goin to your concert would positively impact my life. And my parents being the sweet and supportive people they are they said yes! It worked!! So on November 8th we drove to Las Vegas and my whole family went to your concert. And let me just say BEST DAY EVER!!!! Thank you for such an amazing experience and being a part of the best sweet sixteen ever! Now I am patiently waiting for the release of Chromatica. I totally agree and respect your decision to delay the release (even though I was excited to have some new songs to listen to during quarantine) But I know that soon enough I will be dancing and singing at another one of your concerts! So I just want to wish you the happiest birthday ever! I hope your day is filled with love, music, kindness, and so so so much joy. I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! Xoxo Olivia Laine Lopez
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    Hello my Mother Monster Happy Happy Birthday to you! Wising you all the best. Hope you're enjoying this very special day with your love ones. I am very much grateful forever with your hardwork! Music! Creativity! and Art! Hoping to see you again for Chromatica Ball Philippines. Thank you for being a role model of kindness. I'm not just fan beacuse of your music but I have a lot of reasons just like using your platform to spread kindness & love. I love you so much! Stay safe! And always take care. Your Kindness Punk, Glen @glenmatthewww
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    Dear Gaga, First of all I just wanted to say happy birthday and I wish you nothing but the best. Your music means so much to me and each song can fix whatever negative emotion I feel toward myself. Your voice and music is just so powerful and the way that you stand up for what you believe in is so inspirational. You’ve actually inspired me to start writing my own music and recording songs, which is something I was so afraid to do but YOU inspired me to be myself and live my art. I would really love to meet you one day so I can thank you for everything you do and thank you for inspiring me to find my true passion in life (making music and singing). But I wish you nothing but good wishes and blessings and I can’t wait for Chromatica and the Chromatica Ball Tour. You deserve the world, have a happy birthday!! - Victor Ferrer twitter: @victorferrerii
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    Hey Gaga! I just want to start this off with wishing you the best of Birthdays! I know this year (especially recently) has been rough for everyone. But today should be about you and your happiness! You give so much to so many, so take this day to just focus on yourself. I also want to say how excited I am for all that you have in the works right now! You never fail to amaze me with how above and beyond you go to create masterpieces for not only your Little Monsters, but yourself. I can tell already that Chromatica is straight from the heart, and possibly the first album that you’ve created that is purely crafted from unconditional love for yourself. And it’s a beautiful thing you’ve made. You’ve really been there throughout my life to help guide me with your music. When Born This Way came out, I was finally learning to love myself for who I was. ArtPop was there when I was coming out of depression and extreme drug usage. And Joanne was there when I lost my grandfather. I have no doubt in my mind that Chromatica will be there for me and a lot of Little Monsters at a time when we really need her most. I love you so much and thank you for everything! Love, Stevie Montgomery @steveamon93 on Twitter
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    Hello, I hope you are well and happy. It is strange to think that a person who doesn’t even know you has made such a big impact on your life. It all started with Just Dance, one out of place girl seeing this woman on TV and thinking “ Well done to this woman, this is unique and bold.” I felt like I belong. After that went to a boy who lived one house away from me and 13 years later two best friends who felt connected because they realized they were the same. At the age of 17 and 16 our parents sent us 4 hours away from home to watch your show in Johannesburg , just the two of us, because they knew..... we were misunderstood and had to find ourselves. After all this time we still get together, pour a glass of wine and then when we can talk about you, that is when we have our moment together. So thank you for bringing us together, the only real friendship I’ve ever had. Have an amazing birthday and look after yourself. With all my love, Leandri du Plessis @L3dpMonster
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    Hi Gaga! First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for who you are as a person and as an artist. You have inpired so many kids out there who couldn't find themselves. You showed them the way, you saved them. I am a straight teenager. And even though your music and your fanbase is very connected to the LGBT community, I find your music so relatable and inspiring. I am proud to be a Little Monster. I own every album of yours, on CD's and Vinyls. I have pictures of you in my room. I listen to your music whenever I can. Your music heals me everyday! I am a musician student myself, and I started to create music inspired by you! I express myself and liberate myself using your music! Everytime I cover one of your songs or play them on the piano, I can feel every single emotion running in my body. Playing and listening to your music excites me. Gaga, you have never let me down. You always gave me a reason to keep on moving and i am thankful for that. (Btw you liked one of my covers on Instagram and I wanted to explode) The one thing that I want the most is to meet you and tell you how much I love you in person. I hope that this whole confusing and scary situation won't stop me from seeing you in Paris soon ;) Happy Birthday, I love you, We love you, And we thank you. For everything that you are. Stay safe and take care! Much love, Yahel. Instagram: @yahelcarmelly @Yahel Carmelly
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    Hi Gaga, I love you so much. I love you more than anything in the world. She taught me how to confront bullying. She taught me self-love and made me love myself more than before. My love so that it cannot be described through a message because you are the greatest person in the world. To me, you are my world. I consider you my spiritual mom. I wish you a happy life, I love you. Muhammad Al-Sufyani from Saudi Arabia, I love you so much. I hope you have a party here in Saudi Arabia. Because you have a lot of little monsters in Saudi Arabia and they love you so much. mohammed Al-sofyani 🇸🇦🇸🇦♥️ Twitter: ladyygaga69
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    34 years ago today, a child by the name of Stefani was born into the world, and now, after dominating and reinventing the landscape of pop culture as we know it over the last decade, we just call her Lady Gaga. From our team here at LadyGagaNow, we would like to wish the happiest of birthdays to our one and only, Mother Monster! Serving as our inspiration over the past ten years (and counting) we could not ask for a more positive, kinder, and loving role model to base a fan site around. We are fully aware that right now is a difficult and troubling time for a lot of people around the world, and we would like to help bring some light out of the darkness in celebration of the woman who’s impacted so many of our lives. This year, in honor of the birthday girl, we have put together a fan project that will be directly sent to Mother Monster’s team in hopes of giving her a little birthday cheer! To learn more about the project and if you would like to participate, click here. We look forward to a time where our planet as a whole has healed from this crisis, and can’t wait until we can come together again and celebrate Chromatica. With love, The Lady Gaga Now Team
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    Dear Gaga if you can read this letter first of all I wanna say that is an honor for me to you read my words. Happy birthday to the most kind person in the world, it's time to celebrate you and celebrate your big heart and thanks God for you to exist. I've been a little monster since I knew about you, I love you as human been and as artist, I love your art, you are a inspiration for me. I'm in Venezuela, right now I'm positive for coronavirus and I'm isolated in a hospital writing this letter. Just the fact that think in the possibility you can read this makes me feel better, your music has helped me through very hard moments of my life and this one is not the exception. I'm a doctor and I got the virus working, it's a very hard situation for me and my family, fortunately I'm fine fiscally and mentally I'm healing thanks to the support of my family, friends, couple and off course YOU. All I ever wanted was love and I got love from family, friends, the love of my life and you with your music and your message of kindness. You are a really kindess Queen. Kindess Punk 🤟. Also I'm writer, I wrote a book of poems to spread love and kindness following your steps. I wrote some lyrics I would like you to read and it will be an honor if you use these lyrics and make art with them "I just wanna be with you every time I just wanna have you by my side I just wanna spend the rest of my life with you, with you I just wanna be with you every time I just wanna have you by my side I just wanna spend the rest of my life with you, with you I just wanna spend my life with you" Maybe that could work like as a chorus or something. I really hope you can read this letter Iove you Gaga thanks for exist and spread the message of love and kindness to the world and again Happy Birthday!! ♥️ Cheers from Venezuela Victor Daniel Suárez Salazar @victor_s17
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    Dear Gaga, Hi Mother Monster! Happy Birthday!! My name is Hunter Kelley. I am a fifteen year old Little Monster from Nampa, Idaho, and I am bisexual. With Joanne you saved my life. When I first heard Joanne I was being bullied at school, figuring out my sexuality, and was struggling with suicidal thoughts. When I heard Joanne it felt like something cut through the pain. I knew of your music but Joanne is what made me a Little Monster. After Joanne I listened to everything else religiously. I owe you my life: without you I don’t think I’d be here today. I someday hope to meet you and thank you for everything you have done for me. You save me everyday, you’ve brought me so much happiness and have taught me how to be kind and accept kindness. I love you so much, someday I’ll meet you and give you a hug, but until then I will dance, sing, and heal with you. Thank you so much, I’ll be a monster FOREVER. Hunter Kelley @hunter_gmanotta on Twitter and @hunter_kelley1226 on Instagram
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    Dear Gaga, my hero, Happy birthday! I hope you're having a great day despite everything we're current living. This letter is a little piece of my trajectory with you, that now is over 10 years! Back in 2008, I was 13 and I did not understand my sexuality, I have always hidden the fact I loved to play with my mother's dolls, to put towels on my head and pretend they were wigs... I did not know why I had to hide it all, but I just did it. Until I saw you. You were so shameless and brave, using giant high heels, crazy accessories on your face and head... Without realising, I was having you as my guiding light. Your songs allowed me to keep going in the hardest days when I thought of doing terrible things to myself, and to have the braveness to finally have the talk with my parents in 2012. It was August, I was listening to Princess Die and the courage I had always wished for finally came to me: I told my parents I was gay. Luckily, they were supportive (my father sometimes used to say things that hurt me, but not anymore), and they saw it was okay for me as a man to like men. I was still their son, I was still studying hard. If it wasn't you, I don't know how long would I keep hiding this and just hurting myself. Gaga, you are so important in my life that I even chose my career because of you. When you released the Alejandro music video (I was 14) I literally could not stop watching to it, more than 10 times a day for about a month (I remember my straight older brother complaining to my parents I had a mental disorder because all day long I was sat down in front of the computer just watching you). Seeing you performing with so many men loving themselves and using high heels just changed my life. I then payed close attention to the directing, the editing, the lighting, how the music was extended... And I started to make my own versions of this video, learning how to use an editing software etc. Today, I am a professional video editor because of that video. Because of you, I can make money and help my parents (my father is unemployed and my mom is a high school Portuguese teacher) and to be able to have an adult life. One more fact I would like to share is the best night of my life: November 11th, 2012, your Born This Way Ball Tour date in São Paulo, Brazil. I made so many friends (I came 26 hours earlier to be able to join the Monster Pit), and we talked about our coming out, our sexualities, how our lives changed because of you... And when the concert started I could not believe that my hero was about 20 feet away from me. The concert were more than 2 hours long, and I still can recall almost every detail from it, you crying in happiness and saying you found happiness for the first time of your life here in Brazil... You still are my guiding light. I learnt English to be able to understand what you said in the interviews, and to understand by myself the lyrics of your songs without having to check a translator. Now I can write you this letter! You inspired me in the best way: to be a great human being! And I am closer to that every day! Because of my efforts and your actions inspiring me, I was able to earn a scholarship in a university and study in Japan for a year because of the efforts you taught me to have. Right now I am making songs and studying music production; I want to grow professionally, and you urge me everyday to do so, as you are always chasing a new path to pursue, and you show with your actions that we must keep going, and to not give up. Thank you so much for being you! Don't worry, whatever you do we will be here to support you. Please stay home and stay safe. We are trying to do so as well. We will pass through this and will happily dance together here, in Chromatica, our home. With great love, Marcos Vinícius de Souza (Vinicius Bertozzi) - São Paulo, Brazil @DisguisedKing
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    Hello Gaga, When I first heard your song “Born This Way” I was about 15 years old, and I was HEAVILY struggling with my sexuality, being bullied and suicidal thoughts, and there was one time I even attempted to kill myself, but honestly your song SAVED my life. I will always accredit you for saving my life. I’m not writing you this to try and make you feel sad or anything, but to tell you that when you’re down or Sad, just know that your music is saving lives. You’re one of the most genuine and compassionate souls I’ve heard of, may your birthday be full of love, fun and cheer. Your Little monster, David Williams
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    Happy birthday to amazing lady Hope have nice
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    My dear Gaga, I remember being a 13 years old hidden behind its shadow through my all teenage phase because of my sexuality. A time in which my appearance chose fear and silence as their companions. Then one day, during a party, your song made its prominent debut on a tv and from that moment I got to know about you as a person and musician. The song was Just Dance and I immediately fell in love with your voice and that freshly wave of music you showed to the world with bravery. It opened me to a world of colors that I've never seen and heard before. Right then I knew your music made me understand that I wasn't alone and I finally discovered the beauty of diversity. The Fame was my very first album I've ever bought during my first trip and many nostalgic memories are attached to it. Here I am, 12 years later, celebrating your birthday and thanking you for saving my life through your powerful instrument that is your incredible voice. A voice that healed so many other lives and that is currently focusing on its impact to increase awareness about how to use kindness to defeat bullying and to deal with mental health in a proper manner. The only gift I could give you is my faithful support that will last forever in everything you'll decide to do. I can't wait to celebrate once again with you when Chromatica will come out. With all my love, an italian aries like you and also a huge fan ❤️ Antonerys Twitter: @antoknowles1
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    Dear Lady Gaga, Happy Birthday Gaga! I can't even begin to describe how you've impacted my life. I have supported you for almost your whole career and I've watched you mature as an artist. You've changed my life in a way I can't show you. You've saved my life in the lowest parts of my life, your music makes me instantly want to smile and makes me so happy. You've shown me how to love myself and others, you've taught me all my valuable life lessons. To me, you're like another mom, you've guided me through my life with your messages. It feels like I've been with you my whole life, as I remember me as little kid jamming out to The Fame in my living room. I've always wanted an chance to show my love for you, so I'm sending you this birthday message to tell you how much you mean to me. Please, anytime you're down or upset, think of me and the countless other Little Monsters' lives you've changed. You've inspired me musically, creatively, mentally, emotionally and physically. This July, I will be seeing you for the first time ever, after over 10 years of begging my mom to take me to one of your shows, ever since I was a little child all the way up to now. I'm sure this album and tour will inspire me even further. You've never stopped being a force for good in this full of hate and I find that so amazing, how you, Lady Gaga, changed the world. You're influence amazes me. Happy Birthday Gaga, I love you forever, paws up! Alex (@SechitoAlex on Twitter)
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    Hii Lady Gaga 💓 First of all, happy birthday to the queen and the mother that raised me and inspired me and helped through life struggles, without you gaga i wouldn't have been this strong and proud ever, i love you and i send lots of love and i always pray for you and your family, and i wanna thank u for being part of the BTW foundation because i believe it will make a braver and a kinder world happy birthday and i love you so so much gaga and always will and by the way i am so excited for chromatica! stupid love was out of this world!! Thank you for making us dance through the hard times and giving us joy queen. ❤️❤️❤️ @AF1TL Xoxo A littile monster and a kindness punk 4EVER.🤘🏻💓
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    Hi Gaga, I’m Ben. Happy birthday!! You have know idea what impact you’ve had on my life. Truly. Your artistic vision is out of this world and has helped to develop my own creative passions and love for life. Whenever I feel down I put on your music, I love every album but especially Born This Way and Joanne. I’m bisexual and have had many lows, but your kind and revolutionary words on those albums have given me strength in knowing I can live with your music by my side❤️ I hope this birthday is as good as all the rest, I know you’re self isolating but know all your Monsters and family are by your side and adore you! Can’t wait to see you at the Chromatica Ball! Paws up for life, xoxo, Ben Cahalane Twitter: @BJMCahalane06
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    Hi my name is Nessa You save my life when everyone hate's me you and your music and BTW foundation save me thank you so much for your love what you sharing every day... I'm little monster 6 years and i love you every day more and more Thank you for show me how to love yourself ❤️❤️❤️🥵🥵🥵 Happy birthday, love you Mother Monster You are love of my life and part of my heart so please never stop to be you you are a reason why I stay here. 🏳️‍🌈❤️🥵🏳️‍🌈❤️🥵 Your loving Nessa Instagram: @_._nessquik_._
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    I mentioned this on Twitter, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she wanted Babylon as the lead. Just going off the number of times she's apparently played that song (Haus Labs shoot, the instrumental in the commercial, the tagline, the Haus Labs launch party, the Paper Magazine shoot- repeatedly. That was apparently the only song she played that day lol). I really wonder if the rumors that she wanted to start the era in the spring/summer of 2019 were true... Anyways, it' a bop! Sounds like Dance in the Dark meets Venus meets Vogue meets Bowie's Fashion. I'm in LOVE
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