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      "New music is coming with Haus Laboratories"
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      Actually it’s just a huge rumor never confirmed by anyone. A Russian fan leaked Aura on Twitter, and people randomly said it was Gaga. But there has never been any proof of this. Rumors have it that Aura was meant to be Telephone sequel according to LG’s post on LittleMonsters.com where she wrote about her intention to have it as single when Interescope picked Applause.
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      As much as I want it, I think we should all just let it go at this point. It ain't happening.
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      Posted one the other day but did another one, took a while so hope you enjoy
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      Are we ready for After Hours?
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      We can expect a teaser video for Stupid Love for sure not sure it's related to HL.
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      i dont speak german but i can if you like hallo mein name ist freemymindARTPOP und ich liebe Born This Way und ARTPOP
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      i skip the ASIB soundtrack but that not a Lady Gaga album i dont really skip songs
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      omg you are?? im from Denmark hiii ❤️ i agree, its a kinda weird commercial, but to threaten to take innocent lives because of a commercial is disgusting
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      really depends on my mood, but i usually skip songs from the fame and some from the asib soundtrack if i'm not feeling it
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      Wait omg ur from Scandinavia? I’m from Sweden btw hiiii also, they should’ve never released that commercial but it’s sick what people are doing
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      I just hope he's the one and wont break her heart
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      oh my gosh, "our new dad"
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      Can I just say I’m PRESSED we never got that little original Zedd production from the end of the Burqa demo ugh
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      Actually, I made a thread on twitter about the proof we have that Aura was made to be the continuation of Paparazzi-Telephone trilogy (sorry it's in portuguese )
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      @Harry Styles Gaga went on GGD under a user “BorisIsHere” and leaked Aura since Interscope didn”t want Aura as lead single this leaked and then Burqa leaked in 2017
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      the trilogy is already finished Paparazzi, Telephone, Aura the OG version of Aura is also “i killed my boyfriend and...”
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      and i am badgurlmadge
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      I wont your Shtuped Lav Lav oooh-oh-oh
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      I also think it's John Wayne: - same director - We left Gaga on the road in the end of Telephone, we found her, ditched by Beyoncé, on her own, on a road as well at the begining of JW. - Like Paparazzi and Telephone, the boyfriend dies - "THE END" showing at the end, closing out the music video while the previous ones had a "TBC"
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      I killed my former plan, left her in the trunk on LG5
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      It's beautiful! congrats!!
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      Doubtful since the sequel was meant to be on ARTPOP but at the time Beyoncé’s PR team was building her pro-black image in her music so she didn’t work with white artists. im sure MANiCURE or Sexxx Dreams was meant to be the sequel (I know everyone thinks Aura but I think it was either M or SD)
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      Omg there’s loads but for some reason the first thing that came to mind was the Judas “betrayal” theory when all the DELUSIONS originally stated in the fan base when everyone thought everything she did was cryptic. For people who don’t know Judas betrayed Jesus three times, and Gaga was “betrayed” three times during the Judas era. First the song leaked in LQ, then iTunes accidentally uploaded it early and THEN the music video leaked early on Easter Sunday of all days
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      This time some outtakes!
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      well if its true and he didn't know, he is probably going to be sued by the Haus Of Gaga and Interscope
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      He defo is my dream guy so I'm glad he our new dad!! Harvard math can you imagine... and considering how hot he is I guess I'll have to apply next year
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      I absolutely enjoy all three of them, especially her Sound of Music tribute. It shocked me in the best of ways, and it literally gave me goosebumps when I heard it, omg
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      I'm sorry to tell you this guys but it is clearly the same version that leaked. It is nothing new at all. Remember they hire DJs for these shows and even someone who knows nothing about producing can change the pitch of a song. And please don't come at me with the instrumental thing. It is not an instrumental. It's obviously just a part of the song where gaga is not singing, in loop!! You don't need any skills to do this. Even an android app can do a "mashup" like the one played at this show. And I need to mention: A REGULAR show, it's disgusting and disrespectful you're comparing it with McQueen. And just in case Gaga decides to premiere it at a fashion show, she would be involved, even if it's just in a tweet or retweet. Why? Cause there's a lot of business behind, between label and designer house. This CANNOT happen.
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      We come here to crack the code, but in the end the code cracks us.
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      Omg a new forum. Will they let me one day become a mod? Probably no, no one ever does. Will this forum overtake GGD? Remains to be seen. Do I enjoy the moving profile images? Oh yes. Omg I can finally upload images?! Hi friends!
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      He's cute and smart, hope she's happy
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      the fame — justice for starstuck and boys boys boys the fame monster — dance in the dark and even teeth imo i hear that being used in so many things even to this day born this way — scheisse would've become an edm/dance club staple and i think hair could've been an anthem too tbh artpop — gypsy absolutely is one of the biggest losses, it's insanely powerful and timeless, and i feel like it could've become a song that people would want to cover for years and years to come, and i would've loved to see a video for venus joanne — hey girl could've been a really fun pop culture moment and been a strong message for the competitive pop-girl landscape and the constant fandom wars.
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      Any answer besides Scheiße is wrong!
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      honestly same. like i'll just give up on release dates.