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    Lady Gaga joined Oprah at her first stop on the 2020 Vision Tour Saturday afternoon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to talk about daily self-care routines and other mental health-related topics. The two continued their conversation about mental health from last November, revealing new details about Gaga's mental health struggles along the way. Struggles and Background: Gaga began the session opening up about her struggles of being misunderstood in high school, revealing that this later lead her to create her On stage persona “Lady Gaga". Recalling her constant struggles with PTSD, and looking back at when she did not have any help, Gaga announced that going into this decade, she would like people to be more educated on what Fibromyalgia is. She would also like to help solve this mental health crisis together with the best doctors, researchers, professors and scientists, expressing her vision of erasing the stigma on mental illness. PTSD and her past experience: Psychotic episodes and disassociation was another mental health issue that Gaga encountered recently. Moreover, she revealed that nobody in the industry wanted to help her put the person who raped her in jail, and that she has chosen not to reveal who it was. However, Gaga divulged that she still has an ongoing struggle of PTSD from this incident. Lady Gaga's Medical Routine and LG6: Oprah moved onto discussing Gaga's self-care routines, medication being one of them. It was also disclosed that her doctor prescribes her to take an anti-psychotic medication to help her from spiraling out and from spasming in her sleep. She also discussed learning to radically accept her conditions and her pain in Dialectal Behavioral Therapy because of the pain she endures with Fibromyalgia. Gaga goes on to say that she work outs, practices transcendental meditation, and practices spreading kindness and bravery through the Born This Way Foundation as part of her self-care routines. To the great pleasure (and demand) of eager fans, Oprah asks when her creative process of creating LG6 happens in the midst of all the time she puts into working on herself constantly. Gaga reassures her that despite all the time she allocates to working on herself, she is indeed still working on music and has been in the creative process for years. CBS Morning Special: You can also re-watch the full event below:
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