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STAN Lady Gaga Current Nominations

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Here's a list of the current awards Lady Gaga is up for. If you happen to see this, please take a second to vote and secure these wins for Gaga

1. Bulletin Awards 2020https://blackboybulletin.survey.fm/2020-bulletin-awards

- Best Female Artist

- Best Song (Rain On Me)

- Best Album (CHROMATICA)

- Best Music Video (Rain On Me)

2. Power Radio Summer Awards:

- Best Female: https://www.wearepoweruk.com/best-female---power-summer-awards-2020.html

- Song Of The Summer (Rain On Me): https://www.wearepoweruk.com/song-of-the-summer---power-summer-awards-2020.html

- Best Album "CHROMATICA": https://www.wearepoweruk.com/best-album---power-summer-awards-2020.html

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So you can vote unlimited amount of times. So I voted about 30 times

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