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REQUEST ARTPOP Act II [Fanmade Versions]

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Soo... i wanted to see how many fanmades of artpop act II yall have but here is mine


Artpop Act 2 (Deluxe Edition)


Artpop (Remastered)

Brooklyn Nights

I want Your love

Red Flame (ft.Azelia Banks)

Onion Girl



Stache (ft Zedd)

Show Me (ft.Katy Perry)

Tinnitus (Tonight Is Us)

Cake (Like Lady Gaga)

Out Of Control (ft.Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea)


The Greatest Thing (ft.Cher)



Nothing On (But The Radio)


Ratchet (ft Azelia Banks)

Credit Card

Donatella (ft Niki Minaj)

Martyr of Fame (Feel It Control)

Princess Die [Bonus Track]

Posh life [Bonus Track]

Frankensteined [Bonus Track]




*I cant put the cover omggg*

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I made one but I'm making a new one with more tracks. I liked the Chromatica idea of act's so I made two acts to the album that blend seamlessly. I tried to get it to play seamlessly with Spotify but it wouldn't play without gaps so I recommend playing it through fully on iTunes. It plays better there. I made a cover for it but's its a draft so it'll be changed later. m


1. ARTPOP 1 (first act) (maybe renamed to ARTPOP Act I but most likely not)

2.  Red Flame (feat. Azealia Banks)

3. Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe

4. Brooklyn Nights

5. ARTPOP 2 (maybe renamed to ARTPOP Act II)

6. Nothing On (But The Radio)

7. Burqa

8. I Wanna Be With You

9. The Greatest Thing (feat. Cher)

10. Reloaded (Bonus Track).  (I didn't really think it fit well with the album but I like Bonus tracks so yeah)

I'm also making single covers and digital designs for songs I liked that I thought would make for good singles based off of the applause single cover also using the applause font!





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