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EVENTS Monsters Unite|The Live Event|July 11th

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On Saturday the 11th of July, at 8pm UK time, a live event called "Monsters Unite Live" was held on YouTube. The event was a virtual festival which was live-streamed in order to spread messages of love and kindness, to share our creativity and talent with others, bringing Little Monsters & Lady Gaga fans & everyone in the community together during lockdown. There were over 20 performances & the show lasted for 2 and a half hours. Fans sent home videos of them performing songs, dancing & showcasing their art, etc, in to the Monsters Unite Live team by email, and the team then compiled the videos together. The idea was suggested by @JANNNNEEEEEEEEE on Twitter, and the event was organised by Joe Holmes (a member of the Monsters Unite Live Team, and a fan of Lady Gaga), and Donna-Marie Trego, the World's No. 1 Lady Gaga Tribute Act & Impersonator, who also gave some amazing performances of "Stupid Love", "1000 Doves" (Piano Version), and an Isolation Parody of "Born This Way". I also took part and played "Always Remember Us This Way" on the keyboard and sang along. While the performances altogether only added up to an hour and a half, an hour long DJ Set at the end was arranged by DJ Flyboy. Although this event was primarily for Little Monsters and Lady Gaga fans, and most of the performances were of her songs, there were also about 5 exceptions. For example, there was one performance of Ke$ha and Pitbull's song "Timber", as well as a few original songs.

If you missed the premiere, or if you would like to rewatch the event, you can see it here, or if the video does't open for you here, go to YouTube and type in "Monsters Unite Live" and click on what should be the first video you see.

You can discuss the event in the comments below.

Thanks for watching!

Enjoy! 😊💖


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That's really cool, perhaps a bit too long; but great job! 

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