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This forum has simple, but strict rules. 

Those who fail to respect them will face either a temporary or permanent suspension based on the opinions of our moderators. 

For any issue or problem, you can reach out to the administrators for further assistance. 


What you cannot post:

  •  Any kind of explicit/pornography material is not allowed.
  • Materials and discussions on drugs and other illegal substances. 
  • Articles from external websites without the source stated at the end.
  • Two or more copies of the same article, post, thread or topic.
  • Topics regarding sales of any kind of products, if they are not entirely related to Lady Gaga, and advertisements for other websites.
  • Leaked materials, such as; images/footage from upcoming projects that have not yet been officially released, upcoming musical projects ie. songs.

How to post:

  • Be kind!
  • Do not incite or bully other users. We do not tolerate prejudiced, sexist, racist and homophobic behavior from any members. Do not post other members' private information. Immediate suspension will follow!
  • Be as clear as possible when asking a question.
  • Do not just limit yourself to posting “haha” or “lol." Try to be more productive and innovative.
  • Please try to talk in English.

Warning points:

These are given to users by the mods as a way to uphold the rules when they are violated or ignored. Once you receive a total 10 warning points, you'll be temporarily suspended and thus unable to make posts in the forum. If the offense is repeated, the suspension time will be increased and finally the user will be permanently banned if unable to follow the guidelines established by staff.

Amount of warning points are as follow:

  • Disrespectful behavior: 1 to 4 points
  • Flamebait: 1 to 2 points
  • Advertisement or sharing of illegal material: 2 to 4 points


  • First warning - 0 points but reminder note added
  • Second warning - 2  points and banned from posting for 2 hours
  • Third warning - 3 points and a 1 day ban, points will expire after 1 month
  • Fourth warning - 5 points issued with a 1 week ban in which the points will expire after 1 month
  • Any further warning will result in you being permanently banned from this forum

Signature guidelines:

  • The size can be up to 600x250.
  • Users can use up to two images that fit the total size mentioned. 
  • Users can use up to 2-3 links.
  • No gif signatures as this can cause the forum to slow down. 

LadyGagaNow reserves the right to ban any user. Members who violate the rules or choose to disrupt the community may be banned without warning.

Reporting To Mods 

It is virtually impossible to automatically punish rule breaking as it happens. Our staff is composed of humans with jobs and lives outside of the forums. We are all not always going to be online to give warnings, close or move topics right away.  When a moderator is online, they will take action as needed.

Thank you for your continued patience.

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