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      Just Saw "A Star Is Born" At The Sydney Premiere!

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      I had the honour of attending the Sydney premiere of A Star Is Born tonight. I held off from hearing the soundtrack album so that my experience was as raw and fresh as it could be. I walked in with both many expectations and none at all. By that, I mean I already knew bits and pieces about the film from reviews and trailers, but overall didn’t want to set any sort of bar to meet.

      I won a double pass so I brought one of my friends with me. We arrived to see a variety of large posters, banners and other promotional media, and were given cute wristbands. There was opportunities for photos on a red carpet so we took a few! They had a bar with free drinks, and when we got to our seats they had free popcorn. A Snapchat code on the giant screen as we walked into the cinema that linked to a special discount code to get 20% off the soundtrack too. It was such a brilliant atmosphere.

      I wanted to sit down, watch the film and take it all in like a sponge and thats exactly what I did. Not once was I bored or dared to check my phone or leave my seat. Every minute of the film was important. In fact, every frame. From the humor throughout and the dark undertones that start to become more prominent, it was brilliant. The critics high praise isn’t to be taken lightly, believe every word.

      This is the kind of film that makes you really think. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster throughout. The story is so beautiful and raw yet real and eye opening. There is some serious foreshadowing throughout that makes you realise at the end that sometimes the signs of something are there all along the whole way. From incredible original songs, spanning multiple genres, shown in both full and short lengths, to insane visuals of performances showing just how modernised this remake truly Is, you see that ASIB has it all. At some times it seems like the story is jumping ahead a little too fast, then you realise exactly whats happening and are back up to speed. But that is not a bad thing - It perfectly encapsulates the fast-paced life of a celebrity, and life style changes of an upcoming one. You feel as though you’re on stage, in the house, on the road with Ally and Jackson.

      By the end, I felt different. I can’t quite pinpoint what or why, but this film clings to your soul emotionally. It leaves you walking out of the cinema thinking “really? That was 2 hours?” and asking yourself what you just witnessed. Because you may have literally seen the incredible story unfold, but you’re left feeling like time has just jumped ahead remarkably and like you aren’t the same person you were when you walked in the doors to take your seat.

      Barely any films have left such a mark on me like this and I already feel like I need to see it again and again to truly appreciate and understand it. I absolutely recommend you see this film, with friends, with family and anyone else you can find. All you need to take with you is a packet of tissues to see this film.

      Anthony (@antpats2 on Twitter)



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