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    FEATURED is the new Lady Gaga Now section where fans can start discussions and submit their own articles on Gaga. If you are interested, please register an account, then feel free to click the button below to start!

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    Introducing FEATURED!

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    FEATURED is the brand new initiative on Gaga Now that allows any fan to write their own article regarding Lady Gaga. All you need in order to write is an account on our website. Make sure your article is written using proper English.

    After submitting an article, our team will Approve or Deny whether the article is fit to be published. If your article gets approved we will share it across our social profiles!

    Keep in mind, all articles must be written as a true article or blog post, and should focus on just one specific topic. (Ex: "Reasons Why The ARTPOP Era Had Trouble" or "What's Going on with Lady Gaga's Instagram Posts?"). A proper cover (1400x700) should be added to your posts otherwise one will be provided by us.

    Feel free to sign any of your articles with your Twitter, Instagram or your facebook.  

    We look forward to seeing what our fan community can come up with and are excited for what this new column will bring to our site.

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