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  • dpasa86

    Nigerian Kids Go Viral Dancing to "Rain on Me"

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    A group of Nigerian fans recently went viral on Twitter after their video of recreating Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande's "Rain on Me" music video grabbed the world's attention.
    The group belongs to the Dream Catchers Academy for Girls based in Ikorodu, Nigeria which aims to provide a future for orphaned and impoverished girls through dance, music, drama and visual arts. 

    On July 2nd, the group tweeted the video with the caption, "If Rain On Me was shot in Nigeria!"

    The LGN team has forwarded the video to Lady Gaga's team in hopes that it could be brought to Lady Gaga's attention. Since then, the Haus members took to Twitter to express their love and appreciation for the recreation and the girls who did it.

    Bobby Campbell and Nicola Formichetti reposted the girls' effort on their Instagram stories.

    image0.jpeg image1.jpeg  

    Ricky Jackson tweeted, "America to Nigeria and back! Dance down! Love it!!!"

    You can find more information on the academy through their website linked down below, which also details how you could show your support if you wish to donate.


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