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    An intimate interview with Fish Fiorucci

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    On July 9th, 2019, Lady Gaga teased her upcoming beauty line titled Haus Laboratories with a mesmerizing fashion video on YouTube. "The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand... But that's too bad." she quotes. 

    Haus Laboratories chose to aim far beyond the regular beauty consumer: "At Haus Beauty we say Beauty is how you see yourself." In the beauty video, we see Lady Gaga surrounded by the most peculiar and androgynous models, celebrating the diversity she always championed and supported since the early days of her career. 

    While promoting Gaga's beauty brand on social media, I noticed a very colorful Twitter user commenting under our posts. I surprisingly found out that it was in fact one of the beauty models featured in the Haus Laboratories commercial!

    After a quick follow back, I began talking with Fish Fiorucci: the non-binary "golden" model. After telling me they've been a fan of my page for quite some time, we quickly agreed to meet in Milan for a private and intimate interview just a few weeks later.

    It's was a hot Sunday in Italy when I traveled from Rome to Milan to the photo studio where Fish was prepping for their upcoming fashion week. I stepped into a large private studio where the "golden" model was waiting for me on a cheetah print couch, next to two other artists, naked.

    FISH: “Thats luke and our producer. We’re working on a big project. Our first together outside the US.

    After a few hand shakes and kisses, the two other artist’s gave Fish and I some alone time to speak about just how fabulous the shoot was.

    I’m now sitting next to Fish while they’re smoking a blunt. The model would be totally naked if it wasn't for their black thong and a pair of 10-inch pleaser heels they through on specifically for this interview. I was still amazed by the size of the location and how filled it was by the many dresses floating from hangers with racks all over the room. I was in fashion heaven. 

    MATT: Wow it's a big production!

    FISH:We try not to find time for small ones. Go big or go home.

    I finally take my laptop out of my backpack and began writing the interview. 

    M:So, <<Fish>>, that’s how I should refer to you as, right?

    F:Yes. My pronouns are they/them.

    Being non-binary must expose them to a lot of unwanted and awkward questions so I understood easily that it was in everyone’s favor to respect Fish for who they are.

    "Being non binary has given me the chance to feel comfortable in my own body."

    M:So Fish ...what an honor is to interview you, thank you for having me, I know you’re very busy.

    F:Of course, thank you for being a trusted source for Lady Gaga news! I’ve been following you for years now.

    I wasn't expecting that. After all these years, it still makes me happy when someone recognizes me for all the work I’ve done.

    M:You are probably the most peculiar model’s in the Haus Laboratories commercial. What does being non-binary mean to you?

    F: Being non binary has given me the chance to feel comfortable in my own body. A reason to quit asking myself why I dress and act the way I do.

    M:How do you act?

    F:Like a fucking fa**ot! But that's just me. I never want to be called <<a man in heels>>. I just want to be recognized as an androgynous human and not so much male or female.


    M:You're very direct.

    F:What I don't like is how people censor my directness and silence my personality. I enjoy being blunt and I enjoy smoking them too.

    M:I’m sure you went through a lot to get here.

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