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      V 118 Photoshoot Look 2

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      Release Date: March 7th 2019 Photographer: Jean-Paul Goude

      v 118 look 2.jpgCelebrating 10 years of Lady Gaga and V Magazine, Stephan Gan (V's Editor-In-Chief) finally paired her with photographer Jean-Paul Goude for her 25th cover! The cover was photographed in Paris, August 28th 2018 before the Venice Film Festival.

      For her second look, Lady Gaga changed into what Jean-Paul Goude described as the "broken doll" in a full look by Maison Margiela. 

      From the Fall 2018 Haute Couture collection, Lady Gaga wears an insane layered look shown as #16 in the collection. The look consists of a beige down winter coat, with a quilted yellow vest underneath, with a down blue winter vest underneath, with a blue wool coat underneath, with a plaid wool coat underneath, with a blue down winter trench coat underneath, with a black wool trench coat underneath - held together by a neon orange belt!

      The sleeves of the numerous jackets are gathered together and elongated to end at nearly the same point as the model's knees! Lady Gaga only has one of the outfit's arms though to fit with the broken doll theme. The concept of layering was very much the backbone of this collection and this look exemplifies that, as Galliano was drawn to the idea of “creating your own world within a world that’s very troubled at the moment.”

      The look is finished with a blue foam headpiece cut to look like an animated wig and the entire head is wrapped in clear plastic.

      Finally, Lady Gaga wears the iconic Maison Margiela "Tabi" ankle boots in cream leather but with green paint detailed to the ankles. The original "Tabi" boots can be purchased for around $700 through Maison Margiela and many outside retailers.

      Lady Gaga was with a new team, styled by Alex Aikiu with hair by Kazue Deki and makeup by Mayia Alleaume for Maybelline. The magazine hits newsstands March 7th!

      By Terran Warden


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