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      Date: November 8th 2017 Location: Detroit, Michigan

      11-8-17 christian.jpgFollowing her Detroit Joanne World Tour show, Lady Gaga returned to the studio with DJ White Shadow in his hometown. While on break from the tour, Lady Gaga was in the studio with DJWS for several weeks in Portland, Oregon as well as Malibu, California at Shangri-La Studios.

      While fans anticipate the new music, Christian Carino (Lady Gaga's now confirmed boyfriend) posted a snapshot captioned "2:56am" of Lady Gaga at a microphone.

      In the black and white photo, only the top of Lady Gaga's t-shirt can be seen but that is enough to distinguish it. Lady Gaga's shirt is from Saint Laurent which she has worn several times before. The "Music Notes" cotton shirt was sold for $350 but is now sold out at every retailer.

      By Terran Warden

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