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      Snapchat Story

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      Date: November 7th 2017 Location: Little Caesar's Arena (Detroit, Michigan)

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      Before show time at the Detroit Joanne World Tour, Lady Gaga updated fans on her Snapchat story with a few quick snaps backstage and behind the scenes.

      In her Snaps, Lady Gaga can be seen wearing a full look from Nicopanda's new collection. Nicopanda is Nicola Formichetti's personal fashion label created in 2011 after ending his time as Lady Gaga's fashion director.

      Lady Gaga's top is the Nicopanda Fall/Winter 2017 "Campus Hoodie," made of heavy-weight cotton that features a patchwork detail of crewneck sweaters and the "NICOBOY" printed graphic in red. The hoodie is now sold out through Nicopanda but is available through Selfridges & Co. for $265 here.

      Lady Gaga's bottoms are the Nicopanda Fall/Winter 2017 "Campus Sweats," made of the same material and design. The sweats are available through Nicopanda for $195 here.

      Lady Gaga can also be seen vaguely wearing pink sneakers but I have not been able to get a good view of them to identify.


      Re-watch her Snapchats through Monster4LifeNewz here.


      By Terran Warden 

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