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      November 6th 2015 - Leaving her NYC Apartment

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      Date: November 6th 2015 Location: New York City





      [caption id=attachment_1182" align="alignright" width="181]11-6-15 look 1 Click to enlarge.[/caption]


      Lady Gaga left her New York City apartment Friday morning in a full Baja East outfit, even though she spelled it "BAHA EAST" on Twitter. Lady Gaga wore the loose and relaxed yet fabulous outfit to travel to the Lincoln Center in New York City to perform with Tony Bennett.


      The designer is not new for Lady Gaga as she was spotted in Baja East multiple times this summer, but this outfit was! Both pieces came from the Baja East Fall 2015 collection which is not yet available online and is very fresh off of the runway. Lady Gaga's cardigan is look 30 of their Fall 2015 collection and Lady Gaga's one-piece jumpsuit is look 4, in solid gray.


      More candids of Lady Gaga leaving her apartment available here.

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