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      July 26th 2015 - Leaving New York City Apartment

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      Date: July 26th 2015 Location: New York City





      [caption id=attachment_1059" align="alignright" width="119]7-26-15 look 2 Click to enlarge.[/caption]


      After spending the day inside with Taylor Kinney (seen on her Instagram), Lady Gaga left her apartment to join U2 onstage at their Madison Square Garden show.


      For her outing Lady Gaga wore a pair of her Alexander McQueen armadillo heels that she won in an auction, receiving them from fiancee Taylor Kinney that morning. There are only 24 pairs in the entire world (with the last 3 being exclusive to the auction she won).


      Paired with the shoes is another piece by James Concannon, in collaboration with Dead Beuys.


      James Concannon X Dead Beuys are one-of-a-kind pieces but it is possible to purchase a piece with the same design through contacting the designer (t-shirts cost around $250 and jackets cost around $400).


      Check out the rest of his work at JamesConcannonart.com


      You can find more candids with this look here.

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