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      July 25th 2016 - Leaving her NYC Apartment

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      Date: July 25th 2016 Location: New York City



      [caption id=attachment_2693" align="alignright" width="118]7-25-16 Click to enlarge.[/caption]


      Changing her look entirely from the day before with Sistilia's baptism, Lady Gaga left her apartment in a casual yet edgy outfit from Saint Laurent.


      From top to bottom, Lady Gaga started with a funky pair of sunglasses from Hong Kong based company Percy Lau. Founded in 2013, Percy Lau "breaks through the boundaries of the nature of eyewear" and Lady Gaga's pair is no exception.


      Lady Gaga's Percy Lau sunglasses are their "Cell Division" frames in Ruby made of stainless steel and red acrylic lenses. The frames actually have unique double lenses and are available for $469 here.


      Next, Lady Gaga's necklace comes from Brooklyn based designer Martine Ali. Martine Ali creates all of her pieces by hand in limited quantities. She believes that every piece of jewelry is a piece of art - it is something that she loves and something she uses to express the story of who she is. But Urban Outfitters has been stealing her work without credit to make dirty money off of an independent designer.


      I have been speaking with Martine Ali about her designs and her situation with Urban Outfitters through Instagram where she contacted me that the jewelry was hers. She feels so much disgust (as well as I) from her work being stolen when she worked so hard to get where she is. Independent designers are important! Independent designers are what pushes fashion forward. Independent designers are what make us believe our dreams can come true.


      Support Martine Ali (the original) not Urban Outfitters (the copy) by purchasing Lady Gaga's "James Ballchain Necklace" for $200 here.


      Next, Lady Gaga wore her go-to black t-shirt from Saint Laurent. The shirt has made many appearances, especially on Lady Gaga's Instagram posts, and is available for purchase. Get Lady Gaga's "Classic Ballet Collar T Shirt" in black cotton jersey for $590 here.


      Finally, Lady Gaga finished off her look in a new pair of ankle boots from Saint Laurent. Lady Gaga has a growing collection of booties that love to make appearances in New York and this new pair went perfectly with her sunglasses and jewelry to create an edgy, punk vibe. Lady Gaga's shoes are Saint Laurent's "Curtis 80 Western Ankle Boot" in dark silver metallic suede. Get your own pair for $995 here.


      More HQ photos of Lady Gaga leaving her apartment are available here.


      By Terran Warden

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