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    July 10th 2015 Selfie - Instagram Post

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    Date: July 10th 2015 Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands





    [caption id=attachment_1052" align="alignright" width="300]7-10-15 Click to enlarge.[/caption]


    After her Cheek to Cheek Tour show with Tony Bennett at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Lady Gaga had a mini photo shoot that she Instagrammed several shots from.


    Lady Gaga's look (t-shirt and jacket) came from James Concannon with Dead Beuys. James Concannon X Dead Beuys are one-of-a-kind pieces but it is possible to purchase a piece with the same design through contacting the designer (t-shirts cost around $250 and jackets cost around $400).


    Check out the rest of his work at JamesConcannonart.com


    You can also find all Lady Gaga's Instagram post here.

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