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    Joanne World Tour - Look 5

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    Date: August 1st 2017 Location: Rogers Arena (Vancouver, BC)



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    In a surprising twist, Lady Gaga performs "Bloody Mary" at the Joanne World Tour - a track which has not been performed outside of the Born This Way Ball! Fitting the theme, Lady Gaga and all her dancers perform in head to toe red.


    Lady Gaga then transforms into a red bodysuit and joins a group of dancers also in different red outfits for "Dancin' In Circles" and "Paparazzi."


    To start, Lady Gaga wears a custom red mask from Philip Treacy. Treacy is the world's most in demand hat designer and has been worn by Lady Gaga since very early on in her career, including the 2009 MTV VMA's.


    Next, Lady Gaga wears a custom version of Norma Kamali's "Sleeping Bag Coat." The Sleeping Bag Coat is one of the classic icons of the Norma Kamali brand that was originally designed in 1973. Lady Gaga's has been customized to include a 10 foot train but Lady Gaga's dancers for "Bloody Mary" are outfitted in the classic Sleeping Bag Coat.


    Norma Kamali added a blog post to her website about Lady Gaga's coat and the history of the design saying Lady Gaga's team "headed by Brandon Maxwell, came up with the idea and we took it from there to make the vision real!! Thank you to all who have a sleeping bag coat stored in your closet. Take good care of your coat and it will take good care of you!"


    The original version of the red Sleeping Bag Coat are available for $800 here. And the full blog post is available to read here.


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    Underneath her coat, Lady Gaga wears another custom piece this time from DROMe. DROMe is an Italian brand designed by Marianna Rosati known for a style fusing fabrics and leather with elaborated details, favouring a minimal approach. DROMe revealed on Instagram they customized the blouse from look 24 in their Fall Winter 2017 collection.


    And finally, Lady Gaga wears another pair of custom boots from Los Angeles based Andre No. 1. The red boots go just below the knee and are decorated with red leather bows and metal hoops.


    Be sure to check LadyGagaNow for photos and videos from every show!


    By Terran Warden

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